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I had a wonderful day!

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Felt better today than I have in a while.:smile: Work wasn't just a chore to be rushed thru and gotten over with, it was actually enjoyable.:smile: Just wanted to share my good feeling... especially since I've been whining and crying so much lately...:sad: It feels so good to feel so good!!:biggrin:

least xoxoxox


It's wonderful to have a day like that, it's like coming up for air at last. :hug:

I hope you're okay.

All the best and thanks again for the birthday wishes. :biggrin:
GREAT!!! You a much deserving of this wonderful day. I am so glad your good deeds are catching up with you! :wink: :dance: :wootrock:

:cat: :badger: :bunny: :dog:


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I'm really glad for you too hun.. you deserve many many more days like this. A wonderful day for a wonderful person. :flowers:


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Now, tonite, I"m trying to remember what it felt like to have a wonderful day...:sad: The little brat is making ridiculous demands, loudly and threateningly, and won't go up to her bedroom - just to piss me off - so that I can relax enough to go to sleep.

Maybe there'll be another day next week that'll feel wonderful - I hope it comes soon.

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