I hate adolescents.

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    I've just really come to dislike SOMETHING about every teenager I encounter. It's suffocating to watch us in our own ignorance. I know we're just learning or whatever, but hell, there's something about society letting kids be this way that really pisses me off.

    We all preach and preach, but do we ever act? Honestly, no.

    You go into a school and everyone will be an advocate against bullying, yet when they turn their backs they'll easy state their dislike for another person. They'll ostracize others, and make you feel like shit. The hypocrisy that radiates from all of us sickens me. At least be HONEST, that we all have a goddamn problem as teenager. We don't even see how wrong it is, the things that we do.

    It's just because it's easier, right? It's easier to stick to your group of friends and never branch out. It's easier to be obnoxious with people you like then to ever reach out to another. It's easier to laugh at the weird kid in the back then to genuinely find a common ground with them.

    You'll say "well change yourself, if you're so concerned with it" and the truth is, I just sit back and observe. I try as much as I can to be nice to the even quieter kid. But I hate their pitying glances and I get annoyed at those awkward kids who don't TRY. I fucking had to try to make friends when I didn't have any, and when I didn't have, no one gave me any damn pity.

    God, I work myself up sometimes, but this is too true. I wish people would stop preaching as if it's EVERYONE ELSE that has the problem. Why can't we all admit that as adolescents we're screwed up from the start? We all need to change, but it's just EASIER not to.

    Fuck, it's all so defeatist.
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    I'm just waiting for it to be over with. Hope to fucking god I make it :laugh:.
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    No not fffff up just a time when everything is so dam confusing relationships hormones stress everything is there that screws with ones brain. Good thing it is over soon then you can start feeling somewhat normal