I hate being a guy

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    I hate being guy, for the fact alone that I have to deal with some women. If your a guy you have no choice but to deal with women because that is how your body is designed. Testosterone is the reason for this. But when has the male sexuality ever been in a good light. Advertisers see it as a way to sell, to them it's a joke. Jobs see it as a crime. Alot of women see it as wrong or disgusting. Alot of men see it as a game, where whoever gets the girl is the best. And anyone who gets a chance to get with a girl is considered "lucky". And my mom once said if you get into an argument with your future wife, she is always right. So to get this straight, the male sexuality, is overall seen as wrong, a joke, disgusting. Even though it's something all guys are born with and are unable to turn off or control. Even if a guy is confident enough to talk to a girl, if she says no, he is considered a creep or a loser. A guy by default is considered a creep just for ever looking or god-forbid show any evidence that he has sexual feelings. If a guy wants intimacy with a girl, it automatically somehow means he does not care about her. And not to mention the male sexuality just can't win. It's talked about badly by everyone. I remember being in a store with my mom, all I did was look at a girl, and her father glared at me like I did something wrong. Then another time, some girls cousin tried to fight me just for having a crush on her. And recently, some girl tried to get a guy to hurt me badly, just for talking to her. When can males ever act in a sexual way at all? I just think it's all a bunch of bullshit. And for the fact alone that women are attractive. Us guys have to put up with any bad behaviour they do, because they are automatically right and if we ever complain, nobody has to care because we are suppose to be tough. Meanwhile, I have to put up with their fathers, brothers and guy friends. And their girl friends who are all against me, because since i'm a guy. I'm the boogey man. I know I can't be the only guy who had enough of this shit.

    Well I don't care. People can say whatever they want about men. I'm not going to put up with this. Eventually, one day, i'm going to do something about this.
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    Life and sex and relationships are a lot different when you're an adult. You sound like a teen that's been shot down a few times.
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    Get a sex change or accept that you're a male. Do you really hate the fact that you're a guy? Or do you dislike your own, personal qualities? Male/Female...it doesn't matter much.
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    Guys are so lucky, you can pee standing up, you dont have your period every month, you dont have to go through child birth, please I can sit here and list all night why you should feel lucky to be a guy.
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    Males can be just as bad as you are making females out to be. Everyone goes through shit with the opposite sex, that's natural, but it really isn't just males who suffer. And I don't think generalisation helps either.. it isn't ALL women who will behave that way, just like it's not ALL men who are jerks. And unfortunately there isn't much anyone can do about it, regardless of how you feel about it. It's part of relationships, and life I'm afraid.
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    I'd love to be a guy on any given day.
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    Regardless of everyones valid comments, i think u bring up some very good ones urself.
    ur always being put down, things taken the wrong way, stigmatised, not allowed to express urself...so on..
    i dont think its a gender thing, i think ur angry at all the shit and u dont know any different so ur blaming it on ur gender.
    Fact is, its not easy being any gender. especially when u want to express urself sexually. I really dont mean to sound patronising when i say this but try not to take it so personally.
    Im sure the fathers give stern looks to any young guy that looks at his daughter (u shd take it as a compliment u prob look like his daughters type). The guy friends are just doing as the girls say, so maybe take a different approach with them girls or maybe they just arent interested. Brothers, again are just protecting their sisters and need to see that ur not going to hurt her (and preferrably that u dont just want to shag her).
    Yea guys do have stigma with things like that. but unfortunately you cant change decades of stigma that quickly. If u want to tackle it then be the guy that never gives up on a girl if u really like her. take the evils and put downs from the father, family and friends. If u like a girl it should be them ur interested in, the reaction of anyone else is irrelevant.
    Good luck in ur quest!

    P.s...when ur defending ur corner best not to say 'When can males ever act in a sexual way at all?' lol.
    Answer..get her on her own (voluntarily ofcourse) ..girls tend not to like sexual acts so much with an audience, alone...it can be a very different story.
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    I understand what you mean.

    - a guy
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    The next George Sodini in training.
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    Yap agree

    What women say they want and what they realy mean...

    Sensitivity in men: Rubish, most want to feel safe in strong arms and get excited by the bad boys. They will think your a wimp if your sensitive.

    Both should pay the bill at a restaurant/bar: Rubish, if you let them pay they will think your a wimp and criticize you behind your back to their girlfriends.

    Both have the same right to go first through the door: Rubish, they will think your impolite or rude.

    Men have the same right to occupy the last seat available: Rubish, they will think your inconsiderate.

    Think they are more considerate and moderate than men: Rubish, most women are dreadfully vindictive and much less forgiving.

    Men should always tell the truth: Thats what you should try to avoid at all cost, you will never be forgiven and they will not like you any better if you do!

    Want equality: nope, they want everything they have plus any advantage a man might have. you cant have equality of two unequal things.

    Think they are logical: ...

    Have girl friends: Only in the movies, men have guy friends women have competition.

    Like womens perfume: Nope most prefer mens perfume!

    Think they can manipulate men: hummm some but men only keep quiet in exchange for ...

    Think they are more valuable than men because they give birth: see equality! and please stop running those huge prams over my feet, just because you give birth does not mean you can run over people.

    I can add more, lets see what you think!
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    :itachi: I can look back and see myself in you. In the past 7 years I have learned a lot. I think it is because you let sexuality control you so much. I had a horrible fixation on sexuality. I wanted to be asexual, I was not, but I wanted to be. So I spent all my time saying I was an asexual. Looking back on it now, I let sexuality define myself. Once I actually had a sex life sex became part of my life.... it was not my life.

    When you let sexuality be your life it is like anything you obsess over, it destroys you. Everything becomes as you have just said. However, when sex is just another part of your life things are much different. That is not to say I am not still horny as hell. That is still not to say that sex is not my end goal with every female I might show an interest in. However, it is not what defines me.