I hate being me...

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    I believe everyone has a life purpose here but I wish I knew what mine was because I really am so sick of my life. I have no friends, and the ones I do have only feel sorry for me. I am very ugly, and this isn't just my opinion, it's everyones opinion that know me. People are always commenting on how ugly I am. The other day some girl asked me if it hurts to be ugly...
    I wish I could just end my life right now but I can't. I can't put my mom and sister through that. besides I have some debts that I would rather have paid off before I die so that people in my family won't have to pay it.
    It's hard, my sister looks like she could be a super model and she is so popular. I just want a friend, a real friend to hang out with. I don't want to be lonely anymore.
    I hate being fat too. I am 5'5 and 140, I am trying so hard to lose the weight but it doesn't go anywhere. I used to be more than this and the weight came off really fast but now it's slowed down. I just want to get down to 120, the weight I was before I got all depressed and started eating.
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    Hey Ashla, I'm sorry you feel so negatively about yourself. :hug:

    The people who have told you that you are ugly seem to be horrible people, I can't believe they would come straight out and say that to you. Beauty is more than what's on the outside and if people judge you because of your looks then they are simply not worth their time. I'm sure not everyone finds you unattractive. Seriously, we are all different and our tastes are different too. What one may find unattractive another will find beautiful and I'm not just saying it. However, if you feel strongly about your appearance have you tried ways to 'improve' your looks? Maybe make-up or cosmetic surgery? The latter option is a huge step but if your appearance is making you feel suicidal then maybe talking to a doctor and considering your options will be a good idea - Not only the surgery but I'm sure there are other things too, like therapy.

    From those measurements I don't think you're obese. I can't check a scale at the moment because my internet connection hates me, but you certainly don't sound obese. Have you seen a doctor about your depression?

    Take care of yourself. :hug: