I Hate Christmas

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    I'm still trying but then I go backwards for every step I'm taking I'll go crazy!

    There's not going to be any Christmas! I dont wanna, but I do, Yes, I do want to, how? This suck, really. I want to be with my family, have a great time with those who makes me feel real and whole, why? I am sitting here 'trapped', hospitalized, I mean, this was never suppose to happen, never. Few weeks ago I was feeling great (or at least), stabilized, then, again back to the blck hole who wants to keep me close to the devil (he actually saved me once but I don't wanna anymore, do not!)

    Here they're also saying I have some problem with food taking, like "eats too little" I'm about to hear very, too often. I don't have any problem, not over- or UNDERweight, but they keeps telling me; "you too tiny, have a little of that and that....", also they have threaten to be moved to another ward for folks with eating disorders, that is so insane! They have taking my soul I cannot feel any longer and says that I have to gain about, least(!), 2 kg's to have a "normal" weight, what does that mean? Everything buuuuuuurns.....!
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    Sorry you are not feeling well hope you get feeling better so you can get out for a pass even for Christmas time Try to do as they want okay eat a bit more go to programs show them you care and are trying and they will release you then to home but get well first okay that way you don't end up back there.
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    2kg? ö.ö
    you could gain them in a few days o_O
    my boyfriend (or the person who´s supposed to be it) has dramatik underweight. he´s about 185cm tall and maybe 64kg heavy...(compared to me: 168cm and at least 62kg)
    but he does not eat to little.
    he´s got a hyperthyroidism. I suggest you check on that...maybe you also suffer on that...it´s not easy to recognize. take a look if your larynx is bigger than it schould be...
    so far about the underweight...
    and by the way i also hate christmas...because of all the hypocritical pseudo-christians -.-'
    i´m agains religion...however
    don´t let them pull you down =)