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  1. Hopelessly lost

    Hopelessly lost New Member

    I am a senior undergrad and cannot find the motivation to do schoolwork. On the off chance that I do look into a homework assignment, I do comprehend the information. I feel defeated. I use to try so hard to do well in my classes only to find that when I was tested over the class material during midterms and finals that I failed the tests. Ive never tested well regardless of wether or not I understand the material. Even though I have only two semesters left, graduating seems impossible to me at this point. Everyone tells me I'm almost done and I should push through but I say the hardest is yet to come.

    After three years at the same university I still hate college life. I've tried living alone, with roommates, with friends and even moved back home, but none of it made college feel right or even good. I don't connect with the student population, the professors don't give a rats ass about whether their students learn or not and what really sends me over the top is the fortune I'm paying for to experience this crap. I don't feel like I'm gaining anything from my college experience other than contempt for the educational system and the extroverted system it employs.

    I just want to feel successful and valued. I want to have value besides being just another student with an assigned I.d number.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi hun i hate those ID numbers too barcode where i work I am sorry you are not able to get through test well hun You need to talk to the professors there and explain Perhaps a different writing area would help.
  3. vjred

    vjred Member

    I am very sorry that you are having such a problem testing. I just finished college myself and test very very badly. I would have to study two or three times longer than most of the others. The meds that I'm on make my memory difficult. The only thing that I'm thinking is that you have put in So much time and effort into it already it would be a shame to be this close and lose all that hard work you have already put in. So if you can do it just remember that after each day you are one day closer to the end.

    Everyday look in the mirror and tell yourself that just for trying you are successful. I was told by my therapist it's not the grades or even if you graduate in the end it's every piece of information someones learns, whether it's from your professor or about yourself that's important.
  4. Kagome

    Kagome New Member

    Unfortunately I live with my mother who acts like a complete bitch. I have to study extra hard because I have a learning disability, so if I'm studying three hours in a row per day for one course that I am doing she flips out, saying I have to make time for other things, like her, when she is home drinking. She treats me like crap when she is drinking, and I find studying is a good excuse to be away from her. She won't listen to me tell her that I don't like it when she drinks and why I don't like it when she drinks, in her mind she is perfect and everyone else is at fault. I also study a lot since I don't have any other family or friends to live with, and the sooner I get my diploma the better, since once I get my diplmoa and a good paying job I'm moving out of here for good and if she treats me like crap when I am living on my own I will be cutting her off from me, I don't want to have to do that but I was told that it seems she is toxic (I have written out examples of her behavior and incidents in the past) and I need to get away from this poison as soon as I can.
  5. rincewind

    rincewind New Member

    I had to choose between eating and studying. that was some time ago, fastforward one wife and kid later and still studying. it feels so empty and hollow but I do it because I need to or else there is literally no future. that kind of pressure just kills me. and i'm all alone.
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