I hate cop out answers

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  1. winterghost

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    I dont know if this has been brought up before but every now and then I approach people with my worries and they give me these kinds of answers:

    - dont worry about it
    - plenty fish in the sea
    - at least you have your health
    - there are people worst off than you

    etc etc

    these are the most common ones I get, what are some of the others you have experianced? and how did it make you feel?
  2. Robin

    Robin Guest

    When someone you hate says something you don't like, even if you agree, you tend not to care. However, when someone we like or love says something we hate and we agree, can make the comment all the more painful.

    I think it hurts because 1, you believe that it's true and that you are flawed for not being able to do as they suggest and 2, because it took so much effort to actually trust them enough to unload and say something that was so difficult it was like pulling money out of an evangelist and they gave you an answer that made you feel like number 1 in this list.

    Thing is, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, wisdom is held by many but not always on the subject you need, the trick is finding out what people know and when to go to them :)
  3. aoeu

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    I agree with these. Very little is worth worrying about, and there are indeed plenty of fish in the sea [though, I'm having a little trouble finding this: dating, dating, married, dating, lesbian, Muslim, dating...]

    But, "you still have your health"?? No, suicidal thoughts are quite valid emergency room visits.

    "There are people worse off than you"?? Everyone's problems are pretty major to themselves. Comparisons don't do a whole lot for me... Okay, someone is more miserable than me. Can someone please shoot us both?
  4. A_pixie

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    I have a response to all these cop out answers

    - dont worry about it TRANSLATES into "I can't be bothered to speak to you because I am a self absorbed ****"
    - plenty fish in the sea - TRANSLATES into "NOT that I just went through a breakup and know how annoying this lazy piece of "advice" is"
    - at least you have your health - TRANSLATES into "At least this phrase will get me out of speaking to this person about their problems"
    - there are people worst off than you - TRANSLATES into "What are you talking about feel sorry for meee!"

    I hate people I really do at times.
  5. Dave_N

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    I kind of like those cop out answers. The good old, 'don't worry about it' is a way of looking on the bright side, instead of letting something minor get the better of you. 'Plenty of fish in the sea' is a good way of thinking that there's still plenty of people out there (which is true). 'At least you have your health' only works if someone is actually healthy. Being healthy is actually a really good thing and quite often taken for granted. And 'there are people worse off than you' is a good one, since no matter how bad you think you have it, someone always has it worse. :smile: