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I Hate Everything!!!!

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I fucking hate everything. no one gives a shit about me. if i died right now no one would give A FUCK. i'm sick of being a fucking nice guy. everyone treats me like shit and takes advantage of me! FUCK YOU ALL. fuck my so-called "girlfriend" too. you don't care and you never did!


I'm sorry people take advantage of you. That's fuckin shitty I know. If you don't think your girl cares about you confront her about it, talk about it. I am sure if you died there would be people that cared. I know this because I for one would care. It doesn't matter if we've never met. Life is life and each life is as valuable to me as the next. Don't stop being the nice guy and stoop to their low level. Stay strong and positive. Good things willl come. I hope you start seeing things better

Sa Palomera

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I'm sorry to hear you feel as if people take advantage of you. I dont know what to do to help you, other than giving you the same advice as TTrocP did; go and talk with your girlfriend about how you're feeling...

other than that, all I can do is be here for you. So hereby you know, you can always pm me :hug:
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