I hate evrything

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    Which isn't true... I hate everything about myself. I'm a bad person, all I do is make people angry and make them yell and curse at me. I make them bad, I'm the center of all evil with everyone. I don't understand it, not one bit.
    People say they like me and yeah maybe I think about dating but after awhile all I feel like is that they are using me to only get what they want and that they don't really care about me,
    Several guys are interested in me, I turn everyone down, I don't want anyone. All they'll do is hurt me and right now I don't need that.
    But I'm not talking about relationships with guys I'm talking about life, something I don't seem to have. I honestly don't have a life, I'm like a robot getting a new program every time I move so I can adjust to the situation and do what they tell me to do I my system, it can't be overrun or destroyed
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    I often feel like a robot too hun just moving no emotions hugs to you