I hate existing.

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  1. Orlando

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    Fuck everything. I hate life, I hate love, I hate this piece of shit universe. if god is real, he is a sadistic coward.
  2. Unknown_111

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    Agree with you. If there was a god, there would be no greed but happiness in this universe. Religion is the opium of people like Karl Marx's says. But with respect it does give other a source of comfort. Every person to their own devices in terms of a coping mechanism. Orlando take care.
  3. Twocky61

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    I agree, this so called 'God' some people harp on about is not real; like you say Orlando how can he be? If he was real, then why all the evil, crime, hunger etc. in this world? Though of course, we have free will and awareness of our existence, so was that given to us by a 'God' or is it part of our evolution? This would make a great debate - 'Evolution versus Creationalism'

    tc Orlando
  4. Unknown_111

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    People have belief in God like a comfort zone. For some it works, but as we all get older we become sceptical about religion. How can one entity have so much power, just like the living leaders of religion. Sciencetology, Moomins and other religions. Perhaps Dan Brown was right...

    In my opinion religion is personal and should be kept that way. Not to be used as propaganda machine in today's world.

    Orlando you take care. Remember one thing, your amazing and thank you for this post.