I hate fakes.

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  1. Illusion

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    Title says it all. I know I made a rant recently but I really need to do this one. Plus I'm gonna show this to a friends tomorrow so yeah. Just now I found out that someone I was best friends with for 3 years is a fake. Gothic looking hot guy named Joey. 20 years old and lived in Italy with his Aunt. Sent a ton of pictures to me and even videos before. He even knows Italian well. Turns out that 'he' is a fake. 'He' is actually a girl named Britney. 16 years old and lives in North Carolina with her grandparents. She must have used some random guy she knew to do pictures and videos to convince me that 'she' was him. I feel humiliated now. We were so close, how could she lie to me. We dated TWICE in the past and I'm straight! Her boyfriend told me that she texted him telling him the truth. She didn't even bother to text me at all. She texted her boyfriend shes dated for a year and not her best friend of 3 years at all. Me and her boyfriend are best friends also. Hes bisexual, but leans bit more on the gay side. He was bursting out in tears on the phone reading me the texts. Surprisingly I haven't cried one tear, but I probably will later. I've been to angry. Me and her had always talked on sites and texted. Never would she wanna call me though I noticed. I let that slide though cause I know a lot of people hate talking on phones, including me. She wouldn't even leave a voicemail either though. This may sound 'IDK' to a lot of people but whenever I become best friends with someone from the computer, I always get their number and talk to them on the phone at some point in time. Usually if they were to shy, they would leave a voicemail, but not throw such a bitch fit about it the way Britney did when I would ask her to, so that threw me off. You may be thinking, "Give this Britney girl a chance". NO. I will not. You wanna know why? SHES DONE HAD A CHANCE IN THE PAST. Couple of years ago she was faking 'Joey Jordison' and I caught her. She then started using other pictures, then afterwards more pictures of someone that was different. I can't believe it. Feels like I'm in a nightmare. I would always depend on this person. I was closest to this person. Apparently they must not care to humiliate me all these years over and over. I've given my chances, I've had enough. Its hard to believe anybody anymore. I think most people are fake now. I usually don't wanna say stuff like this cause I regret it later, but I'm going to anyways...


    Yeah yeah its my fault for getting so close to someone online, but I've never gave a damn how I knew someone as long as I knew them and they loved me for me. I hate most the people here anyways so I can't help it.
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    Online is how I met my lifesaver. She is the only person who "knows". She refused to tell me her gender or age in the beginning because she was afraid I might run off. She actually lives real close by and she still wont tell me how she got my email address. All the other times I've chatted to people and wasted time with faker were worth it because now I know her and she stopped me from doing really stupid things.
    She sent me fake pictures too. But I wasnt mad at her for doing so. It doesnt bother me how she looks. But you're right, a voice mail, a call or even a webcam chat is a must! You never know who it could be you're talking to...
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    Yupp. I don't care how a person looks either, but the fact that she did that to me twice and promised to be honest and real is what gets me mad. She broke a promise and humiliated me, so its the end. I have other friends that I know for certain are real.
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    Mira D: I'm sorry *hugs* I had really no idea either. >.< It'll all be okay in the end though.. Always is mostly. <3
  5. Illusion

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    Thanks Ana.. I feel like I'm a whole new person though. That person was who made up most of who I am, finding out their fake makes me feel like most of me was fake all these years. You know what, I kinda hope 2012 comes true. I'm ready for this world to end.
  6. ashtar

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    Absolutely. She lied and liars usually lie again. You never know what else she is fiddiling about. You have to make sure you are safe and private things stay private so avoid liars. If you have other people who can replace her then you have made a good decision by dropping her.
    Good luck! :mhmm:
  7. KittyGirl

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    Just further proof that you can't trust that anyone online is who they say they are.
    Whether it's personality-wise;age;gender;looks... all of that stuff is easy to fake when you're just being represented by words on a screen.

    Sorry that had to happen to you!
    At least she was a young girl and not some fat old dude who was planning to rape you, though.
  8. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    :( That really sucks.

    Er... I donno. Maybe in future, get them to use a webcam, or use a microphone atleast. A voice is better than a picture, and a live video is better than a recording. I wouldn't trust anyone online with my feelings to be honest.. That being said Ive met my girlfriend on here and we're going strong. I consider myself bloody lucky, considering the possiobilities.

    I'm really sorry to hear this has happened to you
  9. Illusion

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    I'll be more careful now. The best friends I have left I've had them make a video for me and talk to me on the phone so I know they're real.
    & lol yeah that is a plus KittyGirl XD. I had literally told her "well at least you're not some fat old hairy dude".
  10. houseofcards

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    Reminds me of a while ago when me and my friend (that I also met online) made friends with a guy named Sanji Rose. He was a 21 year old korean boy, lived in Florida, went to UCF, had a roommate and a dog, and had a father who died in a motorcycle accident. We had Skype calls with him all the time at odd hours of the night - at first his voice creeped me out, but I learned to accept it as "Sanji voice". Yeah. Too bad Sanji is a 15 girl named Jen, lives with her parents, has both parents that are still alive, doesn't have a dog, and disguised her voice the whole time by speaking weirdly... or maybe it was just her real voice. Who knows. I added her on facebook and sent her a message telling her I wouldn't mind if she still wanted to be friends, but she hasn't talked to me for the past 3 months. Probably feels ashamed. My friend got hit by it even worse - he's gay and sanji was gay too, they talked about their sex lives all the time, showed naked pictures, all of that... Sanji claimed to have no webcam but had a bunch of pictures of everything of this one asian man. blah. It definitely is a terrible feeling knowing you were faked out and i'm really sorry :hugtackles:
  11. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    Dang, thats awful :l. I told Brittany I'd try to be friends with her, but she doesn't talk to me much or reply to my messages hardly anymore. I had decided that just to see how it goes. Not much improvements, but I am slowly moving on.
  12. Underground

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    I know I'm probably going to get flamed for this, possibly hate, but truth be told, I actually used to fake myself before. When I was 13 and started using the internet more, I was paranoid of peadophiles and shit, so I pretended to be a lad called "Ben" when I joined Habbo Hotel as I figured they generally fall for girls online, not guys. I only intended to do it to mess around, but I ended up on these 'communities' called Habbo armies, which were a bit like RPG's - you'd dress up in military type uniforms, do military drills, etc etc. But the problem is, I ended up getting addicted to it, and making friends.. at that stage, it was too late to change accounts and be myself, because I'd joined the forum, and they'd have found out we're the same person by checking IP addresses. But I also found disguising myself as rather thrilling and a way to literally escape reality (I was going through a tough time, with school bullies, etc). I did it until I was 16. I made lots of friends and "dated" two girls, and one gay guy (I pretended to be bisexual but BTW i'm straight in real-life). I had no feelings for none of them, they however, fell for my character.. so I just let them have it. I used fake pictures by stealing them off an old friends MySpace - I used an average looking guy. Not hot. Not ugly. I always talked my way out of giving my phone number and going on webcam, although I did try my best to put on a manly voice, but I ended up sounding like a teenage boys whose balls hadn't dropped.. however, people still believed me..

    In the end, I ended up feeling guilty about deceiving two friends I'd become close to. So I impulsively decided to write a massive email to one of them, and talk to the other on MSN. Initially I was just going to tell them and not the others, but the others found out by hacking my friends email address and there was a LOT of anger and shock. I even caused one of them to cry. Some don't even believe I faked myself, and that I'm just lying about being a girl to get attention! I'm still really good friends with those two, and they've actually told me I'm better off being myself then acting like a guy, because to be honest, I wasn't good at it. I'm too empathetic and emotional. I'm too much of a "shoulder to cry on" which is why I attracted a lot of both male and female attention online. I've also learned that it takes a faker, to know a faker. I helped reveil a few people that were faking themselves, online. Two girls that were pretending to be guys, and one guy that was pretending to be a girl, and because of what I did. Although I give everyone I meet online the benefit of the doubt, I'm still quite paranoid about someone faking on me so I always hold this sort of 'policy' when getting close someone online:

    1. Get their real-life Facebook (9/10 times, someone who uses a special "online Facebook" is faking themselves and just wants to hide themselves because its not like real-life Facebooks have to show your address, etc.). Also check their friends, and their friends friends..

    2. Get their mobile number ASAP and either phone them or get them to call you.

    3. See them on webcam. I know people can download videos for webcam, but if you ask them to smile or wave or raise their eyebrow or something, i'm sure there isn't a program that can manipulate that.

    I'm really sorry someone manipulated and fooled you like that, hon, but I hope you learned your lesson. Always test how deep the water is before you swim... don't learn the hard way again after you've fell to your chin over someone. Quite honestly, I'm very suspicious of people online who are extremely good-looking, yet have strings of online girlfriends and boyfriends. It's probably just paranoia/baseless suspicion, but I've seen it being done before several times.
  13. Illusion

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    Ah, no hate or flame here. I'm guilty of the same thing. I pretended once to be a guy for a few months. I made a male account on a site cause I was very bored with my life and wanted attention. I got addicted also. I even had a girlfriend on there, even though I was straight. I feel deeply in love with her so I was questioning myself for a while. I had also made a lot of friends that would depend on me and loved me. It wasn't that hard for me to clear it all off though cause the friends started to fade from me after time anyways, like I was a fad or something. However, it was complicated letting my girlfriend go. I really did fall in love with her and was gonna get a sex change for her someday and be bisexual at least. I didn't tell nobody though the truth, I just told them I was leaving the site and moving. They believed me. Since then I haven't made no other male account. Its been tempting to cause I did get more attention and had more fun as a guy online, so I can understand how Brittany felt 100%. Thats probably whats keeping me as her friend at the moment. The fact that I've done it to before and know how it feels to get addicted to doing something like that. Its horrible but it happens :l. I would even get false pictures from someones myspace that was 'emo' looking and fake them. I pretended to be a hot, skinny, bisexual, and tall emo guy, when In reality I'm still tall, but ugly, fat, and straight. I wanted to be someone else so bad. I still do. But I'm trying to learn to accept myself and that this is me.
  14. Underground

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    It is all too easy to get emotionally involved with your character. For one of those girls, I actually found myself extremely angry when she screwed me over for this other guy, but then I enjoyed the little love triangle which lasted for several months throughout 2008, where I'd try to guilt trip her about it, and get into arguments with the guy. That guy ironically actually questioned whether I was really a guy , but he didn't investigate too deeply into it. It was after that, I stopped it, and even though he found out through the hacked emails, I actually ironically ended up being friends with him for a while, before he disappeared.

    I used the pictures of a 5'11" skinny lad I know that used to be my best friend. Nothing extremely hot, though, he doesn't have abs or whatever. But it was modest enough not to provoke suspicion. In real-life? I'm 5'3" and at the time I was just a plain jane girl, though I've put on a lot of weight since then due to meds, bad habits, etc.

    To be honest, to yourself, being a faker feels like a big taboo thing, but many people are guilty of it. I met a few "crossdressers", but I've also met guys that were really mundane teenagers in real-life pretending to be Royal Marines (he was actually some fat kid that lived in Canada) and a guy who claimed he was a top candidate for the Australian SAS, which is complete bullshit, as he was a 16 year old kid at the time. Some people are obviously more convincing than others.
  15. Illusion

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    Woah. When I was pretending to be a guy, I had another guy question me a lot and doubt me. A girl I was friends with though would always stand up for me and get in arguments with him. I ruined their friendship though. So yeah.. I was known as a 5'11 skinny guy as well that was hot, when In reality I'm just a 5'8 fat girl.