I hate forums. Including this one.

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  1. Joshy

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    Yep. I hate forums. Especially including this one.
    For many reasons.
    Or maybe it's just me.
    I don't know.
    I have an urge to rebel against people who take away rights.
    Even if their job may seem to protect the nature of the forum.
    I still think most of them do a terrible job at it, somewhat.
    Anyways, I want to leave this forum, but I really am unsure of it.
    I have made sort-of friends I think on here. But considering they are 'sort-of' friends, I don't think I should worry about leaving them.
    They hardly know me and I hardly know them. Their just occasional talk pals/ pen pals.

    I just don't know what to do. Apparently I'm always the problem in forums and I've been banned twice in less than a month here.
    Maybe I have anger issues or I'm just fucked up...

    I'm gonna go back to sleep again.. :/
    I just wish I won't woke up.
    But I always wake up, even if I don't want to.
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  2. Sadeyes

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    Anytime you have a disagreement with any organization, try to give constructive input to make it better...and if you are having problems complying with the guidelines, at least here at SF, staff is always available to assist you...hating something and leaving is one approach...looking at your behavior and the integrity of the system is another...this is for you to decide
  3. total eclipse

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    HI Josh you know i too have been banned from other forums they siad it was to protect the other members and in a way i can understand now I was harming others with my words i was not being what the owner wanted in a member It is okay to get angry it is okay to not want to conform but there are rules there for a reason to protect others yes but also to protect YOU hun from you

    Keep talking ok it helps you can always pm me too hun i do understand that pain of being banned but from that pain i learned what to say and what not to say i learned that life was not all about my pain but about others as well. Your friends i hope you continue to talk to them to reach out and soon they will mean more to you. hugs