I hate her so much!

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    This past week has got to of been the worst week in a long long time. Not only have I been ill and my doctor thought I had swine flu....

    the family have found out that my Brother has split up with his wife of 10 years (or so) and she is pregnant... and he doesn't think the baby is his.... There is a high chance of the baby not being his as she has been seen my numerous ppl kanodoling with another man in recent months. my borther is soo fucked up right now, that i dont know how he is coping. I just want to hug him and make sure every thing is ok, but i feel so weak my self. Ever since she entered the family 13 years ago all she has caused is heart ache and pain, not just my brother but for every one. She is just a fat ***** and I hate her so much, I'd do any thing right now to see my brother happy and her to not ever to be seen again. I dont care that she is pregnant! I hate her.

    The thing is... they cant just split up, they have two children together, one is 11 and other is 8... the youngest is mentally disabilied and doesnt understand what is going on. She doesnt know why mammy and daddy aint speaking and doesnt know why mam goes out every night and leaves the children alone, dad has to sleep on the sofa downstairs. The children are young and I know they are not the only kids who have had to go through their parents being divorced. But im just so worried. I havnt spelt, ate or been able to do any work bcoz of this. I just want my brother and his kids to be ok. He said he is going to try fight for them... and I sware down, I hope he wins. I couldnt bare seeing them living with that sick ***** any longer. She doesnt deserve such a fantastic guy and amazing children. She doesnt deserve this unborn child! Especially if the man thought to be the father is! I hate her so much!

    If it wasn't for my position and what i wanna do when I feel college (become a teacher) I'd kill her. I sware down. I hate her. I just wants her kids to be happy. I just want my brother to be loved the way he deserves. He is such a fantastic person and doesnt deserve this heart ache. He looks a total mess, he isn't eating and just sits and crys. He is having to leave work to sort things out.

    To make things worse Social Services are involved. There mother is putting her children at risk by communicating with a non peadophile in the area. My brother needs to get away from all of this and take his kids with him.

    I fuckin HATE her!
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    Maybe social services will aid your brother in his fight for the kids. He can divorce even with young children. It is better off for all involved than to stay in a volatile relationship. It takes time to deal with the emotins and all that goes with this type of situation. Support him as much as you can. Remember that the loss of a relationship is much like a death and the time to grieve is necessary as well. I hope things work out for the best. :hug:
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    Things are getting worse every day. I'm so worried about the children.
    I feel useless because I cant do any thing, but be there to support my brother and the children.
    I keep telling the children that if they need some one to talk to, they can come to me, it doesnt have to be their parents, it could be any adult or grown up they trust. But the children dont fully understand, I just hope they aren't affected by it all too much.
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    Just so you guys can understand her lol
    It is supposed to say known peadophile lol
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    I HATE HER!!!

    She is one messed up bitch and doesnt deserve such a sweet guy and two fantastic children and she most defoz doesnt deserve to be pregnant
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    today has been tough.... really really bad. I seen my brother cry today and it was heart breaking, I couldnt hold my self together and all I wanted to do was hug him, but instead I found him hugging me. I feel that as i'm in this messed up place of mind I wont be able to support him as much as i want.

    I just want him to be happy. I'm so worried about him. The kids were crying today also. Its so tough, all this stuff is ripping them apart.

    ......things are getting worse every day.... this bitch keeps coming up with Lies, she just doesnt want my brother or the rest of the family to see the kids... and to be honest I dont think she wants them herself. She is a bitch. and i hate her.
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    How come.. you go away from home to escape all the shit... just to have some time to your self and sort your head out. to relax and enjoy your self... and all the shit fuckin follows you. i cant escape from it and it is her fault! i hate her.

    Things get worse every day. My brother has been thrown out of his house and is back living at home with his parents. Meh I feel like shit, i wanna go home and see every one, i wanna give him a hug. but as long as i'm here (on holiday) he has some where to stay.

    GRR my head is all over the place, i feel so fucked up. i wanna cut so bad but cant bcoz of where i am. but soon enough the urges will get to much and i will. i dont care what they say. fuck it. its my skin! GRR
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    My parents split when I was 7. I didn't realize it until I was in 5th grade (or it didn't hit me until then) I think this caused my depression. I am over it now, but it's still there.

    I would tell your brother to get his children to a therapist before they blame themselves. It seems like the children are in a bad enviornment. That would be the most concern. Your brother is a grown man, he can handle it. But the kids wont be able to.

    This is just an idea.
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    His wife is not allowing him to see the children unless she is there, but then she wont even stay in the same room as him. I know alot of people are affecting by their parents seperating, i have seen loved ones go through it and now it is happening to my own family. i feel as though i should be there to support them, but i'm not allowed to see them.

    i will suggest that he asks the children if they'd like to see some one, but it will be hard as they are already brain washed against him and wont even call him dad. if he can talk to the children then maybe they will see that he is not the bad guy.
    the are in a bad environment, they need to be shown what love is and not just expected to know. they have never had it easy, due to one thing and another but this is just too much for every one. I want to hug them but cant.

    I have told the children that they can talk to me if they need to, one is 11 and the other is only 8 with servere learning problem, both physical and mental. she does not understand what is going on. i feel so sorry for her. i just want to protect them.