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I hate holidays


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I love Mass, and I love the silent evenings and quiet time but I hate having to deal with drama, my spouse, everyone creating messes and issues. It's grown worse over the years. Today was hard to get through. I keep going back to wanting to just disappear so that people won't need me. Last week a friend called asking if I could help move a giant present later in the day for their kid and I said maybe but then when I couldn't because my family created so much stuff to do it all blew up. My friend hasn't spoken to me since. It's like one spiral occurs after another. I hate it and I get so down. I don't understand why other people wouldn't rather just sit quietly and enjoy the peace.


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@Jsinjin If that friend hasn't spoken to you because you were unable to help with something you said that you were not sure certain you would be able to help with:
then I would question if they were a real friend. I can understand that they needed help, but your reply was non-comital and even if you promised, something beyond your control came up that prevented you from helping.

People can be very selfish and not at all understanding. I am sure you have helped this person numerous times in the past, and for them to jeopardize how ever long your friendship has been just because you couldn't help is terrible.

I don't understand why other people wouldn't rather just sit quietly and enjoy the peace.
I hate the holidays as well. Sometimes you just want to sit quietly and relax, without having to make forced small talk, without having to pretend that you are note depressed, or even worse trying to answer the question "what's wrong" when you can't really put it into words.

The good news is that the holidays will be over soon. Hang in there, you'll get through them.


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I get up early in the morning for peace and quiet. I am divorced, no attachments, so Christmas is a pretty good time for me, time off work, time to be alone. I think at Christmastime you have to get away for yourself, especially for those of us that struggle with stress. I hope you are able to do that for a part of this weekend.

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