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I hate it all

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I hate the world. I hate that I am alone and miserable. I hate that the man that I love :marriage: won't talk to me. I hate that I will try to die. :drunk: I especially hate New Years Eve and Day. I hate it all. And I really hate me!!!


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I'm sorry that this time of year is difficult for you.. and sorry that the person you love won't speak to you.. have you tried sitting them down and telling them how it makes you feel? I hope it improves for you soon

I truly hope that you don't try to die.. i know what it's like to hate yourself but I see nothing about you to hate.. I love your presence on the forum



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hun, I'm sorry you're going through a tough time, bad time of year specifically? Anyway I hope you can find it in your self to stop hating yourself and remember you are not alone here



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This time of year universally sux. I cant stand it...Its 20 times worse if your alone as well. Christmas can go fuck itself, and New Years aint far behind...
Shit they mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to me....But then again I guess when you have nothing, believe in nothing, and do nothing.....nothing tends to be of any meaning. Im sorry the man your love isnt talking to you...must be very hard to take I imagine.

Fortunately this time of year doesnt last forever


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I also hate that you feel alone and miserable.:sad: I wish so badly that I could actually "do" something to reduce your misery, but I can only offer my arms in support, my ears for listening, and my shoulder to cry on. I can give you my friendship and sincerely hope you will feel better just knowing that we care about you on sf.:smile: We love and care for you and feel your pain.:smile: I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you will be able to shake off some of these bad feelings and that better ones will take their place.:smile: :smile:

sending you love and hugs and hope,



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Thank You all for caring. It give me comfort that others do get it!!! :hug:
I needed to feel wanted....thank you for that little bit.
Thanks to Jenny for her fast response and reminder I am okay, I am!!!
Thanks to MJ for hearing me cry :cry2: and letting me know others share it!!!
Thanks to Ouroborus for reminding me I have friends and am not alone!!!
Thanks to least for her comfort, arms to hug :arms: shoulders as needed!!!

I really appreciate many friends here at SF...I just want the depression :shower: symptoms to stop.
We all need some love. :grouphug:
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