I hate it!

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    5 guys flirted with me today! 5! and two of them were old enough to be my father! :yuk:

    I bet some of you are going. "ooohh getting attention! must be bad! (seethes in jealously)" I dont like the attention! I mean example for today:

    Walking up a road, humming along to some music on my ipod. A red truck stops in the middle of the road, blocking the rest of the traffic. They call me over. i stop and walk to them thinking they need directions or something. The driver leans over, god must of been 30-40 years old and asks "have you ever been out with a scrapper" and if i want to go for a ride in his car. :yuk:

    Got 3 guys phone numbers. Two which i was only sitting in costa minding my own buisness. You would think "i have a boyfriend" means "no go away from me i am loyal and i dont want your attention" but noooo. I get flattered i mean yeah its nice to be called "pretty, beautiful, sexy" but when the guy starts to ask inimate details about yourself or your number. Or even the conversation carrys on D:

    Feel like shouting at the guys sometimes JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ><
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    I would tell them to back off dam perverts. Next time to go near them walk away and pretend that you don't hear them keep walking They are just sick bastards. I mean it stay safe there are too may sickos in this world Never ever go near a truck or any guy on your own never