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I hate life:/

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Well.. Where to start... Im 19 atm I got like 2friends and I dont even hang out with them since well one moved away and I havent seen him for a couple of weeks now. another one a girl which I rarely talk to her or hang out with her since well I get really shy to try to call her or anything...I got bad grades in school there for no good collages for me. Cant get a FREAKING JOB been lookin for so long... EVERYTHING atm is goin bad for me no job no friends no money nothing good at all!

When I Did go to school I always said to my self ok this year I will try to make friends and try to get a girl, But then it back fires on me... Since im very shy.. not only that but I think I have social anxiety. I never think of my self as ugly and still dont. But yet I never went out with a girl which really makes me think again. Also im in a huge debt and cant pay the bills, I got in a accident a few months ago and need to pay around $400+ and cant since I cant get a job!!... idk what to do I really dont.

I just wrote down what I had in my mind so if everything seems out of order or everything seems mixed up im sorry.. I just need to take this of my chest and I dont want to tell my family any of this since I dont want them to think I got problems.. Even tho I can see I do... :/


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friends, i had none but now do have a couple. i went and started volunteering @ an old folks home in my neighbourhood and i've not only met new friends over there, but i am feeling so great lately. also, i have noticed that i am getting what i give to the world. whenever i give away friendliness, the universe is sending friendly people my way. so i normally give away what i want. whatever i give comes back to me. sometimes not right away, but it surely does. i discovered that i did not come to this earth to live for myself alone and since then my life turned 180 degrees.
please p.m me. i'd like to tell you something important.
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