I hate my boss

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I finally got a job, but the one thing is I hate my one supervisor. There are about 5 of them, the rest are cool. However there is this one i will call amy. She's a bitch and wants everything all perfect. Plus she's vulgar and talks about cursing people out. I have been looking for a job for 2 years just to get this shit. That bitch curses me out i'm filing a report. My friend said since they are supervisors they really can't fire you.
1. All the other supervisors love me.
2. She openly admited that she hates her job because it's boring. She left it twice and came back and even told me she doesn't plan on staying.
3. She is very young and is probably posing as a boss because she hates her job so she takes it out on me.
4. She constantly tries to get me in trouble.

With all of that she basically just said she didn't care about the company. Another reason why I hate her is because one of the other 5 bosses is her friend and I thought that friend was kind of cute, but I can easily see how she turns her against me. I've been stressed about this because I hate conflicts of all kinds especially on my job. I specifically tried to avoid her today. She's just very stupid, another thing is there were a few young girls who bought beer and she thought I didn't ID them so she starts giving me this lecture.

1. I did ID them, I have been there for 4 days and I have been IDing people just fine. Perhaps her dumb ass wasn't paying attention. I don't see why she thinks she deserves any special treatment, she isn't even the head supervisor, the head supervisor gets along with me just fine. And if I wasn't serious about my job I would not come in on days I did not have to work which I have done everytime they called me in. So she doesn't have anything against me.


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I hate my job too

I've been there for 4 days. I waited years for a job, I searched for so long, I finally got one and I thought I would be happy. Well i'm not, I get payed bi-weekly and my first paycheck doesn't even come until next week. :( I just got a job because I wanted a girlfriend, but to be honest, no offense but girlfriends don't seem to be all they are cracked up to be. There is this one girl who works at a place across the street. I just hate that one evil chick supervisor. She's not even my boss and can't even fire me. I have heard about the cliches of people hating their boss I just didn't think that shit would happen to me. It's kind of like when you hear about murders you don't expect to be caught in the middle of it. To be quite honest I don't care if I end up getting fired if it comes to that. I hate it there, specifically because of her.

It's like going to work in hell and getting paid 8 dollars an hour for it. I don't care what is at stake, i don't want to work there. Why, Why in the hell did things have to be this way. I just can't stand her at all, I really don't want to see her or hear from her ever again. And if she really starts to get on my nerves, i'm done. It is not worth it, I'd rather go back to being poor, atleast then I was somewhat happy. And No I am not happy now.


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i hate mine too.

i've been to several jobs and believe me, there is always that one reason or one person that will piss you so bad you'd want to leave and would make it reasonable to do so.

fact is, you need a job. if you can't take this one, start looking for another. but don't leave unless you find a replacement. when it comes to jobs, there's no other way of doing it.


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Stick with it. No job is going to be perfect and you are not going to get along with everyone. This is a good opportunity to learn how to deal with conflicts at work and grow from it.

I'm not going to comment on only having a job so you can get a gf other than to say that there ar plenty of other better reasons to be employed.

Just google 'how to deal with conflicts at work' and there will be more than enough information to get you started.

All the best.


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I agree with domo. Its so easy to freak out and quit under pressure.
And harder to ride out the storm and stay at your job.
But then you'll be unemployed.
And its one hundred times harder finding a job after, and being alone
by yourself with your depression. because it will get worse.

Its better to stay and handle the problems as best you can.
Maybe try to forgive her and realise were all human and make mistakes.
You don't know.. She may have something terribly wrong happening to her
In her life. And if not.. That's okay...
Don't take it personally when people at work criticise you or hate you.
Leave work at work. and make sure you have something to look forward to
at home when you get home. chances are if your patient and just do your best,
You'll be there longer than her anyways. She sounds like she could go off,
Get into a fight or be fired soon with that attitude anyways. And if not..
You haven't lost anything. You can always find another job while still working.
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