i hate my family. (may have triggers)

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  1. Tara

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    Ive had enough. my family are fucking twats, they are so selfish, they dont care about no1 but themselves. i do everything i can to make sure they have a great life and i get nothing in return.

    Richard got chucked out before xmas cause he called my mum a "****" and all the rest of it...imo he shouldve been thrown out a long long time ago. anyway he still thinks he lives here. mum moans shes not got much money to do shopping or w/e he comes in eats all the food, im not exaggerating, he takes like 4 packets of crisps, what evers in the fridge, what ever he likes.

    So he comes down and says "what are you doing bank holiday", i say "im working"...."oh.."......"why anyway?"..."Jays coming over to watch a film"...."richard mun, ive got work in the morning, i really dont want someone over"...."tough"......."you can watch a film upstairs and leave me in the living room then"....."no, we want to watch a film in here"......."richard ffs, u dont even live here, take her up nanas"....."its MY house i'll do wht i like"

    okay so maybe you dont think its bad, but it annoys me so much, i cant even sit in my living room and watch tv or go on the computer. now i have to dress and do my hair and make up and look like im happy...i DONT want to.

    So i talk to mammy "i can say that, its his house too"........"why not? he doesnt live here, he lives with nana"....."so u expect me to tell you, you cant come here if u stay with nana?"......."im NOT staying with nana, and i dont LIVE with nana! theres a difference"......."oh shut up im watching tv"

    thanks mum, thanks for taking my feelings into consideration.

    now hes gonna "babysit" the kids. and i have to get out of the house so he can having fucking sex with the stupid underaged bitch.

    Im sick to death of this house. i want to die. scratches dont seem to get deep. scratches hurt but its not the same.
    my hands are sore from my nails.
    my teeth and gums are banging.
    my head hurts.

    i wish i could knock myself out for a few weeks...or better still kill myself. whats the point in lying to myself, things cant get better. noones awilling to help me get better, they all say things that make me feel worse. they can all go to hell :mad:
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    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

    You do so much for people here hon...I've seen you all over the site, and you really are a truly kind, generous, and loving soul :hug:

    I'm truly sorry that your family doesn't seem to appreciate the warm and caring person that you are, and believe me...I completely understand how you feel. I just got into an argument with my aunt who I live with, over the fact that I do so much for the house...cleaning, cooking, trying to keep it all together, and none of them who live there either appreciate it, or seem to care any about it.

    But I want you to know that you are very much loved and appreciated here! :hug:
    We're all better for having gotten to know you, and we look forward to getting to know you even better :hug:

    Stick around hon...we all love you here :hug:

  3. Insignificant

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    how about calling the cops for tresspassing? just a thought please take care
  4. Tara

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    that wont work. :unsure: my mum doesnt mind him being here...so lol nothing i can do is there!

    thank you both :hug: i just needed to vent last night. was going mad lol.
    ive spoken to him ish, asked him to come down on sat instead of sun cause then i wont have work the next day AND the lost finale is on sunday haha, im sad...:rolleyes:

    What gets me is how much he picks on the kids :mad: hes just foned threatening one of my other brothers (14) cause apparantly hes nicked his money (though hes not been up my nans) and may have stolen weed (that he sells...so if anys gone he wont be able to make money or w/e i dont get it. i dont care what he does)