I hate my family

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    My family is on my last nerve. I just really needed to rant and vent about it....I have been so depressed lately.. Our car broke down and we have been almost the entire month without one. I cant get anyone to take me anywhere....so the house is nearly out of food - we are almost out of toilet paper - my period started early and of course Im nearly out of what I need for that too...

    I begged the entire weekend for someone to take me into town. NO its to far to drive for just a few things (said my grandma). I will take you (said my mom) but of course she didnt..

    Lastnight I was sick and felt like I was half way to my death before I started to feel any better..

    My husband is working on our car today..So hes not here to get our son off the school bus.. We live on top this fucking hill and theres this big ass muddly lump right off our steps. Im clumbsy as all out hell and have a bad knee...So I called to my Grandmas to see if they were getting the bus or I needed to walk off the hill and do it..

    They say they cant..So I casually mention the mud puddle and the fact I worry I will fall. Then I mention Im sick and hopefully my son wont catch my cold..

    Well they call back 5 minutes later screaming that they will get the bus since Im not capable.. WTF..I didnt say I wouldnt, couldnt, whatever..I said I was worried about falling in the mud and giving my son my cold...

    They NEVER let me do shit..If Iwant to take him shopping Im litterly not allowed to because they are afraid we will have a accident. They will literally come pull him from our car.. Then they bitch at me for not taking him with me..

    They will invite him down all the time and then complain he stays with them to much BUT get this, Im not allowed to come pick him up to bring him home..

    They will literally come stand in my yard until I let him go to their houses then yell at me for leaving him there but if I try to pick him up they throw a fit...

    I even called back after they called to scream at me over the bus....I told them calmly not to go because I could. Guess what they go anyhow...

    Im sick of being treated like I need my hand held all the time..

    Then they have the balls to tell me Im pissing them off...Whats up with that? They are pissing me off....I call to tell them NOT to bother with the bus because I WILL do it and Im pissing them off...

    I HATE my family..

    Usually I love them..They help me with almost anything I need..Lately though they treat me like Im a peice of trash that keeps crawling from the dumpster and back home..

    I know Im not perfect..I know Im difficult...They CANT sympthize with me and I get it..They arent me.. Just because Im sick of being at home - hungry as all out hell and want to go shopping and they wont take me and I cant take mself for the time being.. 'I would just drink water and eat brown beans' well you arent me.... God they make me crazy..

    I know Im difficult but it wouldnt kill them (my grandma expecially) to realize Im not her - Im my own person and that means I see and feel things differently..

    It also wouldnt kill them to leave me alone and let me take care of my own son without them attacking me (not literally but you get the point) when I try to take him shopping, get him off the school bus, ect...

    Thanks for letting me rant.