I hate my insurance company

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    If you read my thread in the substance abuse section you know I went to the hospital twice last week. What I just found out today is my insurance company dropped me before that. Not only did they drop me but they didnt even bother to let me know. I even saw a therapist we finally found that takes my insurance last week.

    Its 140 dollars for the therapist I dont have a clue how much each hospital visit is. I could have saved atleast 140 dollars if they even cared at all about their customers. Im very far past pissed right now my family already has money problems and the insurance company isnt making life any easier. My familys damn near poor Im stressed so much because Im back in school after a 3 year break from it and generally depressed.

    Ive been having panic attacks and feeling disassociated since they called earlier. I cant even imagine how they can do this.
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    wtf ? are they allowed to drop you just like that ? thats so unfair :sad:
    i have seen the doco "sicko" ( Here ) it made so freaking mad. how comes the richest country in the world does not provide any healthcare for its people ? U-N-F-U-C-K-I-N-G-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E

    i sure understand your anger, is it possible suing them for this ?
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    They probably dropped me because I turned 18 last month and Im just under my moms work insurance. If Im 18 and dont have a job or 12 credits a semester in college I dont get it. I understand getting dropped but they did it 2 weeks after I turned 18 and didnt give me any notice. I could possibly sue them for not telling me unless they have some weird fine print thing that says theyre allowed to not tell me.

    Mostly its that I wasnt told, if I was Id just be angry and nervous now Im extremely pissed and scared. One of the worst parts is the semester is about 6 weeks in and I cant start more classes (not to mention the added stress of more classes) and Ive been searching for a job. With the economy this way getting a job is hard ... even harder since I never had a job before.
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    can you be covered under a disability clause in your mothers insurance my daughter is disabled and she will be covered even if she is not in school she had to get a doctors form stating her disability though