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I hate my life I want to die

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I seriously want to die in this pathetic life I have, I do nothing but fucking work on college stuff, learning how to drive, building a website for my dad ARRGH all stress no anything else, no friends, nothing but aggravation and final exams incoming.

I have been thinking for a few weeks now on the best way to kill myself, of course I don't want it to hinder or endanger anyone else but still be a fast death, if I go for a train or run over in a road "accident" others will be at risk, any pointers?
I hate being so fake... I act like everything is fine infront of everyone, infront of my family, infront of everyone at college when I have nobody, nothing and nowhere I am completely alone and I just want to die -.-


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This is a pro-life forum, so people won't tell you other ways to die. That's not what this forum is for.

However, there are lots of ways to make things better.

Have you been to a doc and explained how bad you feel? They can open up a world of opportunity that can help you feel better.

Also, if things are stressing you out, like driving, take a break from it, try and focus on the things that are compulsory/most important at the moment. Learning to drive can wait, and it's pretty pointless learning if you hate it anyway. You could do it over the summer after your exams, when the stress has lessened (if you chose to).

Could you talk to your dad about making the website. If you don't feel you can tell him the truth, just explain that your college work is piling up and you need to wait until you have more time, or just tell him you can't do it.

You mention you don't have any friends, maybe you could join some clubs or hobbies and find some like minded people, people with similar interests, and that might help you get some friends, and also have some relaxation time away from the things that you are finding stressful.

Do you think you could talk to a teacher? They can do a lot to help if you are struggling.

It's a really positive thing that you are considering others with regards to your suicide. But whatever you do, there will be a lot of people affected by that, your family, people you go to college with. Imagine them having to find your body, or identify it, or knowing that you had gone and that they did not realise how bad you were feeling. You can see the wider picture with killing yourself in a way that would hinder or endanger others, now try and see the even wider picture of how it would 'hinder' all those that care about you.

The best thing you can do, is to try and get yourself some help and support, to make yourself feel better. No one deserves to feel as bad as you do, so you need to do everything you can to make things better for yourself. Because you deserve a better life, and a happy future.

I hope that things do get better

Take care
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