I hate my mother.

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  1. I hate my mother. I'm not overreacting or over fucking anything. I hate my mother. Everything she says she says to hurt me. Make fool out of me. I've been away for over a week, and the first thing she says to me when I get home is: Eat this. It makes you shit easily.
    I was like, What. The. Fuck.? And she says something like that I was full of shit and... god I don't know. And she LOVES, totally LOVES to ask me if I'm failing at school. And she LOVES to point out how all other girls are WAITING til they are finished with school until they get a boyfriend and what a loser I am who got one now. She makes me so fucking frustrated and so fucking suicidal.

    I wish she would die. Painfully.
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    LOOK, you're mother and what she says is wrong. My mother said cruel thing sto me when I was a teenager and it's effects are lasting. But I'm sorry how dare you wish her a painful death. There are people out there that have no mothers, that wish upon wish that they could have a moment back in time where there mother was there. Think about things before you wish your mother dead, because she feeds you, clothes you and puts a roof over your head. I may hate the things my mother said to me but she brought me into this world and I would never wish her dead...painful or not.
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    I hate my mum too and if possible, I don't want to see her for a long long time. But I guess I won't want her to suffer or anything, despite of all the years she physically and verbally abused me and all, I guess its over and no matter how much I still hate her I won't be wanting her to suffer either. I just want to try to forget about the way I am feeling about her and move on. I suppose you should try to move on too.
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    Forgiveness isn't always possible but if you find forgiveness after she has passed on then it will be harder still to forgive yourself, we are not here forever, by the same count neither are our parents, as hard to imagine as that is sometimes. Reconciliation is never impossible until a person has passed beyond the mortal realm.
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    You're not alone. My mother is similar. She always makes it apparent to me what a financial burden I am, and how much money is being thrown down the drain on me.
    So nice to have a kind and nurturing mother like that.

    But honestly, the best adivce I can give you is don't take it to heart. Its really hard not to personalize things, especially when its your mother pointing them out, but just try to brush it off and tell yourself that the crap your mother says reflects on her, not on you.
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