I hate my so called family

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    It's the holidays, usually it's spent with family and friends but for me it will be spent alone and will fade in and out like every other day has the past 5 or 6 years. I have plenty of Uncles and Aunts, too many cousins to count yet I barely know any of them and the ones I do know we do not resemble anything like a family. We don't speak, we don't spend time together, when thinking of Uncles, Aunts or Cousins I feel no love. When I die they won't be at my funeral, the only ones there if I'm lucky will be maybe a parent, siblings and a few hobos who had nothing else to do so they stopped by to bum. When I needed them the most they were no where to be found, my own brother and sisters weren't there to help me. I was alone. Day after day my dislike grows for not only my family but for every person I have the misfortune of knowing or being around, I try not to but I have little hope for people in general as society becomes more selfish, ignorant and careless. Not once has a family member or friend asked me whats wrong, my only outlet is facebook and when I update my status most of the time I make it overwhelmingly apparent that I'm depressed and just want someone to ask if I want to talk or say that they care. No family member has asked why I spend all my time hidden in my room, why I don't want to make friends, instead I'm greeted with degrading and belittling comments by my halfwit mother who isn't fit to raise, look after or comfort a fucking flower let alone another human being. So, how are you guys and gals enjoying your holidays this season?
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    YOu need to get a voice and tell t hem outright how you are feeling and you need to tell them you need help The will always turn a blind eye because they cannot deal with it hun Unless you get a voice and tell them outright what is happening you won't get help as they will chose not to hear. Time to stop the hiding in your room and time to get help now.