i hate my teacher

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  1. saint6

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    hes such a dick to me and everyone. he thinks hes so much better than everyone and noone but him has the right answers. he talks down to everyone, make them feel like absolute shit. he is getting on my last fucking nerve i dont think i cant stand the rest of the year in his class... fucking makes fun of your grammar and your social skills, which i have none of. im in fact he just like fucking with everyone to make himself feel good, i had to show him my project and he glanced at it for like 2 sec, literately 2 sec, and he said no and gave it back to me.... what the fuck is his problem i did everything on the requirement sheet.

    should i just skip his class from now on? cause i cant take his shit anymore
  2. Dave_N

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    Your teacher sounds like a jerk. Teachers like that give the good ones a bad rap.