i hate myself. i think i should die

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I think i should die. All i am is a fucking asshole i'm not good for anything i feel like i treat my friends like shit. I'm not a person that you'd like to be around. I tend to take things personal. I get jealous real easy. I always feel annoyed. I ignore people who i'm mad at even though i shouldn't have a reason to be mad them. I feel like i'm a problem to everyone around me. i hate my self so much for being a piece of shit i just wanna shoot my self in the head and i don't know why but i start to feel fucking sorry for myself even though its my fault to begin with. I've tried to change but it doesn't fucking work. I'm stuck as this worthless shit head. I should be dead I think i owe it to everyone but i cant get myself to do it.

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is there anything you are doing to help change yourself to help you become someone you don't hate then. Are you getting some therapy hun to help you change the way your react to people I am sorry you hate you hun but you can change with help hugs
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