I hate myself right now

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by morning rush, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. morning rush

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    I hate feeling like I did something wrong everytime someone doesn't reply to my pms. I wrote on another forum to a guy, and we seem to get along but he opened my pm (cause you can see that on there) but never replied so of course I start thinking negatively and I hate. I try to convince myself that maybe something happened to prevent him from responding or that it was early in the morning and therefor he just read and couldn't reply etc...but the negative thoughts are so loud...and I doubt myself...

    I've been burned before...I thought I had made a friend and then out of the blue she avoided my message, never responded and then blocked me...so I guess I'm scared that is going to happen again...

    but why does the negative have to be prominent, even though I try really hard to focus on good thoughts...it's just not fair, why do I have to hurt myself like that...I hate myself right now
  2. windlepoons

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    I really do know what you mean, that awful time after you hit 'send'. When I used to use dating sites I often wrote a message then deleted it purely because I knew that there would be that awful time, followed by the hit to me self-esteem. I know that it is just my mind telling me I am being rejected again, but those negative thoughts come and they are so loud.

    Sorry I cannot really help, but you are not alone.
  3. cots

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    I know that feeling too. It causes much strain and anxiety for me when a person doesn't respond. That's one reason why I isolate myself. No need to fear rejection if I don't initiate a conversation. Give it some time though, that guy could be just busy, or wasn't in a convenient place to reply.