I hate myself

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by missybaby, May 12, 2007.

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  1. missybaby

    missybaby Active Member

    I wanted to know if anyone could help me to know exactly what i would have to do to OD on the anti-depressant Bupropion.I really need someones help i dont want another failed attempt.PLEASE HELP

    Fat and ugly
  2. itachi

    itachi Well-Known Member

    Hun This forum is Pro-life.
    you won't find any help with method's here.

    but perhaps u wud like to tell us what has made you feel like this :hug:
    perhaps we can help make you feel better?

    PM me if you need to talk.

    Luv, Josh
  3. missybaby

    missybaby Active Member

    it`s a very long story and nobody would be interested in it trust me
  4. itachi

    itachi Well-Known Member

    Ill listen.
    and ther are a lot of really helpful people on this site who will listen.
    ther are probably people here who have been through something similar to you.
    and perhaps they will know what to do.
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