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I hate myself.

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Hi Maya...sometimes I think we create what we believe...if we think we are going to mess something up, then it gets messed up...can you chose someone you know and trust to try to have a short conversation with and see where it takes you? Also, here you can have exchanges which you can then try in real life...J

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Hi you i too get very anxious tongue tied as they say but with practice it does get better. Talk to councilor at your school see what programs they have at the school to help you feel more comfortable around your peers. Are there group activities you can join sports etc to get you in amongs people more. Maybe even talk to your doctor about this he or she may be able to help as well hugs


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I am too because they have picture me as a "crazy", in general I should live in the cell no one would ever see, sucks to live like that, can't even go shopping without hearing I am weirdo, psycho, "go home you dont belong here" they say, I dont even have to open my mouth, I am a human-been FFS! ... psychiatrist says "dont listen". Hey, I got ears!

Just be strong and show them, talk to them like you are like them, a human-been!
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