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I hate myself!

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I hate me i hate my body i hate all i do!
Even when i lost weight and im still saying too myself its fine.
Even when i say too myself i shouldnt cut i still do!
Even when i told my best friend after drinking i was suicidal and she cried but stood by me i still send her a msg i need time too think.
What is wrong with me.
Why cant i just be normal.
Why cant my life be normal and i stop being a pathetic little asshole.
I hate me!
I wish i was never born

total eclipse

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I know i hate me too just something inside hurts and god i hate me I hope that you can get some therapy okay. To change that hate for you into some compassion We beat ourselves up to much i think we get enough of that from others so i hope you can try to turn those words around okay and say i care for me i do i care for me
I don't hate you i understand your pain and i hope it decreases some by posting you can pm me anytime okay
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