i hate new year!

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    now i know the christmas rant is about and i hate that just as much but not as much as i hate new year!

    new fucking start... yeah right. its not like every problem from the year before goes away just like that. its the same and everything just carries on. all new year happens to be is a number changing when you write down the date. hardly worth celebrating. you just go to sleep on december 31, get woken up by fireworks and cant get back to sleep because of the stupid things. waiting up just for midnight. just for that bloody date to change

    and my rant about this stems from all my annoying therapists, counsellors amd all those types of people thinking and talking down to me having decided ill just be a different person when january the stupid 1st comes around.

    to me christmas in itself is the beginning of the hell. like the culmination of all the shit in the year plus the added hell of being locked in a house with your family for a couple of days with nowhere to go because your friends have the same problem and its bank holidays so theres REALLY nothing to do

    i just wish people would realise that nothing ever changes at new year and im fed up of being talked down to like all the problems of this year will just go away. if only it were that bloody easy in the first place. but no... shit carries on

    i dont think i could hate it anymore if i tried!
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    Well i fully understand where you are coming from, but in my personal opinion, New Years is a chance to try and push yourself that little bit harder to make it a better year then the one before, its all psychological and money making crap just like all the holidays now