I hate people

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    I'm so sick of people. I'm done being toyed with I do t have friends I'm supposed to hang out w. People but no they don't call or they ignore me or find reasons not to see me fuck that I'm done with people I'm alone I will always be alone I'm useless I mean I can't even get a single person to hang out with me. All I try to do is be there and support people but then if I want to do something no it's her let's blow her off she's stupid.

    Maybe it's not people I hate...people hate me and I can't blame them.
  2. total eclipse

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    People can be very cruel at times i hope you can move on to make new friends better friends who support you when needed take care:hugtackles:
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    I doubt I'll ever find anyone better or anyone who will be nice to me. Even the friends I've had for forever will treat me like crap and forget about me. I'm easily forgotten and easily walked all over and used and easily torn apart.

    Thank you for the response thou, I appreciate it :)
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    Hi Krissi, Welcome to the forums!! I'm sure you will make friends here...I know it's not like RL but the people here are honest and really care..For the most part anyhow..Keep posting and you will get more replies... When you first join replies can be slow in coming..If there is anything I can do just PM me..Take Care...
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    My childhood friendships started getting unhealthy in my late teens when I couldn't keep hiding my symptoms and keep up with all of the male rites of passage like dating and going to clubs. Those normal "friends" kicked me to the curb but I found very close and loyal friends soon afterward at support groups and from some of my hospitalizations.

    I hope you can get the support you need from friends you can find who are in the same struggle. You do not deserve disrespect or poor treatment because of your symptoms.
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    If they keep avoiding you, or the things that you come up with. Then they really aren't your friends. A friend would tell if something bothered him or her about you. A friend is honest, and wouldn't want to make you feel uncomfortable in anyway.

    Something you could do; Talk to the people who treat you like that. Ask them what is bothering them. It's probably not exactly easy to confront them with this. But it's something, and it will tell you at the end what you're position in this whole situation really is.

    Thoughts like these won't get us anywhere. By thinking negatively, you expect negativity. That in itself makes the problem alot more frustrating and difficult.

    From what you said, I understand that you seem to be slightly desperate? The problem with this is that you are letting people use you. You don't want to fall out to them, because you are afraid to lose them in the end. Things like this make one an easy target. [Sorry if this is wrong. I'm not trying to offend you in any way.]

    Grow a spine and don't let people BS you. If they can't be honest to you, they don't deserve you. :hug:
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    Feel the same way.
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    I too can relate at the moment.. not sure what to say.
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    People are disgusting malformations.

    Loathsome, putrid, shallow things that deserve to be crushed and broken.

    Hate them, I hate them, I hate you and myself and everyone and everything.
    I hate everyone, my family, people who call themselves my friends, I hate everyone.