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I hate people!!!

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I play basketball to release my stress but sometimes it causes me to be depressed. I can never seem to find my rhythm and my team mates are annoying me. There is this one guy who keeps telling me what to do but whenever I feel like doing something he won't give me the ball. He asked me if I know what I'm doing. What is he trying to imply?! PUTANG INA! I want to kill them all! The sad part is I consider them friends though I can't say if they also consider me a friend. I want to KILL them all just to show it to their faces. I want to torture them for making fun of me! Too bad I don't have the balls to do it let alone tell them how I feel. I've tried other sports but I'm no good at them. It really just makes me mad knowing that I'm no good at anything. Just to take it off my chest: PUTANG INA NYONG LAHAT AKALA NIYO KUNG SINO KAYO MGA PUTA KAYO SANA MAMATAY NA KAYO!!!

total eclipse

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I too hate ignorant people but you know he must have a problem with himself if he is out to make others feel small I would tell him his words hurt

Mr Stewart

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sports does some offputting things to people. Elevated heart rates, flowing adrenaline, group dynamics kick in. It seems to bring out the worst in everyone.

Have you ever thought about trying to an individual sport instead? Like running or tennis or wrestling or...? Maybe something non-competitive?
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I have done other sports but I'm also not good at them.
I wish I could tell people a piece of my mind but i just cannot bring myself to tell them how I feel. Whenever I'm insulted or anything I just make it look like its all good and just smile like it is a joke or something. I'm not too good at expressing my emotions towards other people.
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