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I hate rejection...

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by RESTurtles, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. RESTurtles

    RESTurtles Well-Known Member

    I'm a very acceptable guy/person, I respect others feelings and thoughts, always try to help no matter the cost. Depression and need to please everybody is getting the best of me, no matter what I take or do, I always feel that nothing is good enough. Take it, my ex girlfriend, I wasnt good enough for her or her kids, this girl that I have been talking to (just friends), she is pregnant with no one there to help her, bills piling up, moved here with no one to talk to, I've been talking to her, I thought I was being a friend, told her if she needs a place to stay, I have a room for her, the last thing she said was no, I have a baby on the way.

    I was doing great, even after the shitty hospital/mental visit/stay, been clean, only a few bad thoughts every week or so, but something just clicked, cant get a job, my own bills piling up, trying to sell everything of value, except a few things. I cant sleep, everytime I go to sleep, its just a bad feeling, not to mention I talk in my sleep, so what I say, my brother and room mate can listen or hear, I would much rather sleep in my truck then let people know whats going on in my sleep, to be honest, I'm going to just do that for a few nights, maybe I can finally get some good sleep.

    Ive thought about everything too much, I wish I could just think positive, like nothing every happened.