I Hate Residence

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    I've had it. This is my second year living on campus and it's only gotten worse. This is the second year in a row I've had a neighbor who blares his music nonstop with desk-rattling bass all day, including 3 in the morning. I've heard others tell him to turn it off, but he always turns it back on. I have morning classes 3 days a week this term, and 5 days a week next term, so this is going to be a problem. Not only that, my roommate this year has recently started going out drinking with his girlfriend and coming home about 12 or 1 in the morning and talking for HOURS. In fact, it's after 6 in the morning right now and I haven't slept since about 1 because I got overtired waiting for them to shut up, which happened around 3:30. Sometimes they have sex too, but it's usually quiet, and I'd prefer that to the talking. I'm going to yell at him later today, if I have the energy. It's one thing for this to happen in general, but this happened on the quiet floor, during quiet hours, in the middle of exam week, on the very day I had a morning final exam. Not cool. The only problem with talking to him about it is he'll ask why I didn't say anything, but I shouldn't have to say anything, given the time and place I just described.

    That's ignoring the internet problem I had earlier this term. As soon as I moved in, the internet wasn't working. So, I told the front desk. Someone came up, said it was just my computer, and went back down. I went there again the next day, and someone else came up and said I'd have to wait for the computer-smart front desk guy (note: not a technician) to come take a look, but he'd be sent up when he was around. Well, the next week, during his shift (and two hours after he was supposed to come to my room), I go down to the front desk and find him, at the front desk, just dicking around. He comes up without his laptop, then goes back down to get it. Eventually he decides it's time for a technician to come by. Another front desk person comes by a week later (again, not a technician) and says the same thing. A few weeks later a couple technicians come by (yay!) and say I have to wait for the contractors to fix it (aw!). Some time later, I'm told the technicians have come back, and that it's all fixed. Fortunately, it is. But I first told them about the problem Sept. 7. The internet was fixed Nov. 1. That's two months of using public connections while nothing gets fixed. Annoying, to say the least. I got a refund, but only after contacting the Residence Manager directly and waiting a full month for deliberation.

    As I've already said, I really really hate this place. If I ever find a similar location with some class, I'm taking it. And you can bet I'll be including this in my evaluational survey at the end of the school year. Until then, though, I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. I guess if it continues next term I'll get louder and louder about it until something gets done. But, judging by how long it took them to fix my damn internet connection, nothing will ever be done about my loud neighbor and roommate.
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    Aaaaand I was just about to go shave and shower when I heard my roommate's girlfriend go to the bathroom first. That's perfect.
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    Ugh, sounds like a nightmare. Is there any way you can move?
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    Sorry it sucks~ in most cases residence is FAR less expensive than renting a place for yourself. And anywhere within walking distance is usually packed with student rentals which are all pretty much just as noisy...

    It sucks.
    I hope you are still willing to continue through school, though!
    If there's anything you can do at all- I guess earplugs would be a start for the noise. You can get them at any place where they would sell sports or hardware stuff and they're pretty cheap.

    As for any food and bathroom problems you might be having...
    You could just stop being polite and when you've gotta go-- pound on the door like a mofo and make whoever is in there gtfo so you can use the washroom. It *is* your room, afterall~
    You could also try putting any food you have that doesn't need to be chilled or frozen- into a totebox and sliding it under your bed. Keeping it in your room is one good way to keep it away from people who might feel like snacking on your stuff.

    I can't really think of any other suggestions right now... There will always be shitty internet times when *everyone* at residence are using it all at once, but if you moved off campus, you would have to pay to get your own internet hooked up-- so if you have extra money and you can move off campus, it'll start costing you more and more just to get all of the amenities you'd get at residence for free.
    It's just a part of going to school, I guess... :sad:

    I didn't have those problems myself because I lived TOO FAR off campus - but I had to quit 3/4 through the year because I ran out of fucking money and had to get a job; and by the time I found a job, I was already failing because of all of my missed lectures.

    Anyways... hang in there!
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    You should look into housing off campus. It doesn't have to be nearly as bad as KittyGirl puts it; for one thing, using a bike you can expand your appropriate housing radius significantly. In downtown Toronto, at least, there's a good number of options in the <$600 (including internet and utilities) range, with various setups to match anyone's needs. Check craigslist for shared housing, you might be pleasantly surprised.