I hate riding roller coasters...

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    especially the ones I gave birth to...:dry: My 14 yr old must have access to "bitch pills" cause every time I'm within five feet of her they take effect. I pay all the expenses in our home yet she, in her infinite wisdom and power, expects me to stay away from her as is necessary - "necessary" being determined by her royal highness... Sorry for bitching and whining, she's just impossible to live with and I live with her - aaaaarrrrrggggg!!!!!:eek:hmy: :blink:

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    what´s going on? tell me or at least let it all out, why do you feel like this about your doughter. and by the way what are the bitching pills(i speak spanish and i´m not related with that term)sorry and take care
  3. theleastofthese

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    It's just an expression I made up - as if she was on meds that made her bitchy when she's around me. SHe's just rather unstable, only she won't admit or even consider that SHE has any 'problems', it's ME that has the problems and cause all HER problems... Typical teenage girl behavior but to such a degree that I can't stand it. I have my own depression to fight off, but to have her constantly on my back about... anything and everything. And if there's nothing to complain about, she just makes something up, just to get in my shit... and she knows it gets to me, I try hard to ignore her behavior and understand the reason for it, but it's hard to ignore when I feel like shit about myself as it is... and SHE knows that and uses it against me. It's just hard to take: I'm already depressed, tired from having to work so much, nursing a days-long headache, and now I can't even go downstairs in my own home without setting off her 'fireworks'!!!:mad: She's a nasty little brat and it's hurting my feelings... and I'd been very good at not paying attention to her little wars... until tonite.:sad: I"m just vulnerable tonite.

  4. Terry

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    Just hang on Least by 16/17 she should be over the worst and u get your daughter back instead of the horror of the teenage girl!!!!

    Vent when ever necessary hun, cheers me up no end to know I'm not the only one saddled with a horror of an offspring and mine's 23 !!! What hope have I got :mad: :sad: :laugh:
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    And of course the worst of it all - besides the little brat in the house - is that I feel like shit cause I feel like I hate my own kid. But that's how I feel - I can't stand even looking at her. She's only nice to me - and just minimally - when she wants something: a new hairbrush, a special food, a ride somewhere, a favor done... other than that I'm just a maid, a chauffeur, and a bank. Life's a bitch, then I went and produced another one. I hate myself, more than I hate her - and that's an awful lot.
  6. Terry

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    Don't beat yourself up, when they go thru this stage they are completely unloveable.
    You wait, when she has children she'll look back on this and be ashamed.

    cut your self some slack hun, she really is being difficult, not you being hateful.:flowers: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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    I hate roller coasters too they really suck.

    But at least you know one of the reasons I will NEVER reproduce... and do not go saying "Never say never". I can list why I never will.

    But take heart only 4 more years then you are No longer legally responsible for this child.
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    Boy, do I know what you're going through, least. Only mine is my 18 year old stepson. He's a total horror and makes life miserable for me. Like yours, mine knows my emotional problems and uses it against me. He's out of control and I hate him. I can't wait for him to be gone. And I feel awful for hating him. I'm the one who's raised him since he was 6. Not his mom. I should love him. But I don't. I absolutely without a doubt can't stand him - can't stand looking at him, even the sound of his breathing annoys me. And I think he has access to the same pills that yours does, lol.