I hate running after people

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    I've chatting with this guy that I sort of like. But yesterday we sort of got into an argument about god. it started so stupid too. All I said was that when I was a kid I liked buffy the vampire slayer. i liked the first three seasons and then after that for me it wasn't good. so he asked me if she died. I said no, then I said well yes but she was revived by willow, and that willow's gf died.

    so he said that it made no sense that willow revives buffy but not her gf, so I said she did try to revive her but the god she went to wouldn't. So then he said he didn't like it when god meddled and made law. So I said, you don't like fantasy stuff? and he said no I like it, just not when there's a god. So I said then you won't like the movie thor. He said thor is different he's a super hero. I said no, he's a norse god. He said I was wrong, so I said back in the day of the vikings, the vikings worshiped thor and loki and other norse gods. then he asked me where was catholic gods at? I said same place thor is. I don't believe in god, gods.

    all I said is that it seems that he likes stories where gods are in when it suits him...and he started to get angry at me. And he went back about the buffy story, that why would a god meddle in this etc...and that he didn't understand why people would write about gods...and I said look dude, gods are fun, they are characters like all the others, and I've not seen buffy in years, I'm amazed that I remembered so much already...

    then he got mad because I called him dude...and he said he was tired and left. So okay...I emailed him this morning apologizing, even though I know I wasn't not in the wrong. It was clear that I struck a cord in him about god and so I am sorry. He never replied to the message, and now I checked and he's on yahoo messenger...

    Now I am mad, because if he cared about our relationship, he would have emailed me back...to me it feels like he wants me to run after him, and I'm too old for that shit. I shouldn't have to run after people...idk...

    this isn't the first time we get into something like that. Last time it was about loyalty, he doesn't know what it means, he says it means being honest with your feelings toward another....that's not loyalty and when I gave him the definition he said it was my opinion...sigh...

    I don't know what to make of all that, but my entire being is screaming run while you can...that would mean I'm alone again :(
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    It certainly sounds like there's some differences of opinion. But I'm sure that if your heart/body/mind is saying "get out while you can" - it may be best to listen to it.
  3. G.M.

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    Sounds like you will have nothing but conflict with this guy.
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    the thing is I don't want to run away everytime I have an argument with someone...or Idk...I'm afraid of getting abused but I got to take chances sometimes...at least we haven't met in real life yet so maybe I can give him a chance...will see...idk....thanks for commenting on my thread, I just don't know what to think sometimes and I'm scared that maybe I'm not looking at it from a neutral point of view so I posted here...seeing other's opinion of the event gives me more to ponder...