I hate someone with a passion!

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    I can't help it! I hate someone right now with a passion and it's eating me up inside and making me squirm! The only thing that would make me feel better at this point would be to beat the little s**t until he's crying for mercy! But here's the worst part, he lives half way across the f***ing world and I can't do a thing about it! I don't know how to get it out of my system! It's too extreme and just bubbling away! I can't say anything witty as a comeback because tbh he could quite easily win a war of words with me like that and he's also got the rest of the forum members kissing his booty. I seriously don't get it! They treat him like some sort of demi-God and "untouchable" and all that s**t! It angers me to no end! I'm not normally one for online slanging matches but boy does he piss me off! I just seriously f***ing hate his guts and so badly want him to die! I know it's immature and wrong to wish death upon someone...someone online at that! But I was bullied in school as a kid and everytime I see the bloody git putting someone else down and having his ego stroked by everyone else I just get this uncontrollable urge to smash something! I totally have anger issues! But I can't help it! Everyone always says "oh, just ignore it and if you feel that strongly about it punch a pillow" - heh! I could think of someone I want to punch now and a pillow wouldn't be as satisfying, believe you me! This is why I hate online jerks! Because they're so 'protected' behind their little keyboard it's impossible to give 'em a good smack where it's due and they always end up getting away with it! Uuurrrghhh!!!! And none of that "what goes around comes around" bs either...Karma never works (for me anyway) and even if it does, not good enough unless I'm there to see the little scrote getting his just desserts. Yeah...sorry for sounding so extreme...I just dunno anymore...I'm probably the most vengeful f***er you'll ever meet lol and I'm not very good at letting things lie. My worst fear is that I'll end up snapping one day and killing someone in a fit of anger. I've never fought back before but I'm getting so f***ing close sometimes it's only a matter of time. I just hate seeing people get off Scot-free like the bullies did back then. They need to suffer for their actions.

    (Just to clarify, it's someone from a different forum...not this one lol)

    (Oh yeah, and this is my first post back after being away for a while too...weeee *cue party balloons* welcome back me blah blah blah)
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    I can totally see where your coming from.
    Noticing most of the time it's not really their wittyness but their confidence that makes them makes people bow down. Not really much you can do about it but wait till others figure out how much of a big-head he is.
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    Yeah I know, that's the worst. They just have to be confident, don't they? That's great. So if you go all "Grow up and stop acting all hardcore with the keyboard" they'll always manage to turn it around on you with their 'Psych 101' bs that sounds like it was copied and pasted from wikipedia, and make you feel like a complete idiot for even bothering to stand up to them. I hate that! lol And I suffer from really bad social anxiety so I'm not really good at standing my ground in arguments as it is. It's like, not enough that you're dealing with a cyber bully but he just so happens to be an intelligent cyber bully too! Those are the worst kind.
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    Just wanted to say WB. :) And I can relate to where you're coming from.
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    Thanks WildCherry =)
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    Can't you block him on that forum so you don't have to deal with him and also you won't have to read the bullshit he writes..As far as your anger, Maybe yoou should see a therapist to help you have a different perspective..I hope things work out for you...
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    Sweetheart, please calm down. There's trolls on every forum, and trolls love attention and reactions. :troll: Don't give It to them. I applaud you for coming on here to share with us your feelings about him, because sometimes It's hard to defeat online and real life bullies. Don't focus on his remarks at you, focus on getting him In trouble, and soon enough he'll get banned! :)
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    lol very much doubt he'll get banned or anything like that because he's one of the forum's admins, and just so happens to be dating the head admin (it's an online relationship). So yeah, he's practically untouchable :admin: It irks me off but I can't do anything about it so I've (hopefully) blocked all contact with him and the other forum staff. I've also deleted the site from my favorites tab in an effort to try and avoid the site. Didn't respond to him but I did leave a PM with the head admin there basically saying that I cannot co-exist on that site with him anymore unless he undergoes a serious attitude adjustment.

    I was a mod on there btw. The thing that got me so riled up in the first place is that I'm basically left to run the place on my own with 2 friends (non-staff members at that...well one is, but helped out even when she wasn't staff). It's a rping site and I've repeatedly told the members there that I've got a lot on my plate right now so not to bug me about when things will be done, and if they're not going to kindly step in and help then the least they can do is quit bugging me. So it's basically me and these 2 other friends of mine doing all the work while the head admin buggers off for weeks on end sometimes, and the other admin (said jackass that I've been ranting about mercilessly) lurks around and does absolutely nothing to help out. But then he goes and takes the members' side. I can argue this point with him until the cows come home but he's so thick headed it's practically impossible to hammer it in. I keep on telling him that you get what you put in and if people cared oh-so much, they would be offering their services instead of criticising.

    The other day, one of my friends sticks up for me and posts a message in the site's cbox saying things will be done when they're done and not to bug me as I've got a lot going on and he attacks her saying things like "Shut up!! No one cares what you have to say!! You're annoying!!" and starts being abusive towards her even though she does 95% more work than he's ever done tbh. So why should she shut up when she's got a point? She then posts a long ass message outlining basically everything I've outlined just now, and delivering a few home truths whilst she's at it. So this guy (Mr. Extreme Internet "Tough guy") edits her post to say "You people made me realize how much of an idiot I am. I'M SORRY!" The head admin commented at one point and she kinda took our side a little. But then this guy acts like a jackass and starts egging on the other members to bug the s**t out of us until things are done. So I've had it with the asshole tbh! I've been looking for a good reason to leave that site anyway so this was kinda the last straw for me. I just hate the blatant hypocrisy that goes on there. There was a time when both admins were running a very tight ship and whenever they were late with anything, every member on there rallied round and took turns kissing their asses. I've even defended them in the past and given them the benefit of the doubt but they can't do the same for me? Screw that! They can't show me the same level of respect? It's like spitting in my face and saying I don't matter. They seem to think I'm just some robot who has no outside life and that I live on that site and my only life's purpose is to slave away catering to their every whim. I've always known the guy to be a bit of a jackass really but we've been cool. For a while it was sorta like he took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. Bit like an older brother. But I hate him now! Realized he's just a complete ass and all the rest of them are just as bad for being his sheep. I've never even received a "thank you" before for anything I've done there. The response I got one time was: "I'll be sure to thank the garbage man next time he empties my trash, just cause he did his JOB!"

    On the surface this really doesn't seem like a big deal but unless you've dealt with the guy you can't even begin to imagine how I'm feeling right about now...Wish he'd just piss off the face of the Earth tbh. So much hypocrisy it makes my stomach crawl.

    Sorry if this all sounds a bit kindergartenish but blah...I needed to get it off my chest. It shouldn't bother me but it does. Just wish everyone on the internet could learn to have a bit of decency and respect for one another but then again I live in a dream world.