i hate summer

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    WOW i never thought id come back on here ,

    anyways my 21st birthday is coming up ina few months (july 5th) and my 15th/16th and 17th b birthdays have frankly depressing , i aint been depressed for almost 2 years now , not had any drugs in a year and half same with self harming (yay me)

    wat im saying is im afraid i might be triggered wen summer properly starts here in the UK , last summer i wasnt feeling great but it wasnt really depression , just down , is it possible to have SAD but with summer instead of winter?

    my sister and her boyfriend have invited me for a day out in london for my 21st which is nice of em , but (no offence to ppl who live in london) i really dont find london in the slighest bit interesting, so im gonna say i cant make it , so the big 21 is gonna be just another normal day for me , i aint even gonna bother booking a holiday from work , tbh i think work will be my highlight
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    Firstly I'd like to say that it's great to hear about not having any drugs and not doing any sh for so long now. :hug: That's marvellous news, hun :smile:

    I dont know about the possibility of SAD with summer instead of winter, but my guess would be that it is possible.

    THe only advice I can think of giving is try not to worry about it, because the worry itself could make it all worse. Try to let it come as it comes and just live from day to day.
    Of course I do realize that is easier said then done, though. :sad:

    Anyway I'm sending you many many hugs :hug: :arms:

    And sorry for not being of any better help :sad:
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    yea ur right i do worry about stuff thats not gonna happen for for awhile yet , like u said i shud just live for today and just worry about it wen the day comes , was just ina mood bout ma 21st being crappy but thats life , not all is fun and games

    thanx :)
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    Wow, Nigel I haven't seen you in AGES. Just because last summer sucked doesn't automatically mean this summer needs to suck, too. It's a shame you don't want to go to London, can you meet up with some friends on your birthday? If you can't meet anyone or do anything fun then how about doing something another time so you can celebrate? As for summer itself, try to keep yourself occupied doing things you enjoy and summer should go ok, try not to think about last year and concentrate on this year. However if you do feel down then you're welcome to post, it's good to hear from you. :) Take care of yourself. :hug:
  5. whybother?

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    hey resistance :biggrin:

    nah i wud have a big meet up but all my friends are working or at uni :mad:

    i wanted to go see metallica on july 7th with a friend but he hasnt rung back to say if he's deffo goin, and i aint got his number , im sure by now the tickets wud of sold out :( none of my other friends wanna come :dry:

    good idea about planning it for another day , i just need to find out wen my friends are avaiable , i wanted a party but cant have 1 at my house cuz theirs a baby next door and we'll be very loud lol and i cant rent out like a hall for the nite cuz their VERY expensive around here , and ive only got a part time job

    nice to see u again anyway resistance :smile: hope ya been ok since the last time i saw ya!