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I Hate Summer.

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I hate summer. It's a time when my parents are constantly around. That's why I love school so much. My mom just shouted at me about how I am a failure and that she doesn't care what I want.. I mean, not even my friend or boyfriend want to talk to me right now. What's wrong with me? I've got to be messed up for it to go this far. I don't want to see anybody right now. I just want to stay in my room..Mom won't let me. What do I do? Nobody wants to talk to me..So that's no good.. I thought parents were meant to love their child no matter what? I'm just a failure, it's obvious.
They do love you........... us parents get it wrong too sometimes you know!
We don't have a manual to follow, we just try to do our best......
There is no rule book that dictates a son or daughter is going to think the same as their parents....................... bloody hell!!!! now that would be too easy..
Be kind to yourself, be kind to your family and friends.
Thats when the love you give out will come back and hug you, with more power and strength than you ever thought possible.
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