I hate the frase "Don't do it"

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  1. GoingGone89

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    It seems to be the predominant impulse affecting
    anyone I share my current (or past) emotional state with:

    "Don' do it" , "But I love you, that's so selfish" , "Why would you do that to people who love you"

    I'm 21, I'm not an idiot, I know the consequences of my potential actions.
    Of course I know I would end up hurting the people around me
    I've thrown away some of the selfishness that comes with my younger age
    But admit that it's not all gone, because it's in my nature to be that way
    I'm not speaking for humanity or anything, I'm saying ME, myself, my disposition to the world is selfishness, It's me :p

    I hate to go all "My friends don't understand me"
    But they literally don't understand that this is more than just Clinical depression or the possibility of a Manic Disorder, I'm just not a happy person.
    It's who I've been my entire life, if I wrote my life as a novel the ending would have to be suicide, it's just the way I consider my life would culminate successfully. (I know, odd choice of words)

    Whatever I just needed to get that out, without people I know feeling sorry for me, or telling me to "Feel better" I hate that, suicidal thoughts aren't dominated like a light switch :p

    I'm not thinking of suicide currently, I've decided to try and change things first.
    Then maybe once my parents die..I give it a try, Idk

    But still, thoughts of suicide are comforting, like a gun in the back drawer I might need someday.

    Keeping an gun in a back or a desk drawer for an emergency.
    Isn't that just the perfect imagery for these types of situations? :p
  2. GoingGone89

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    pfff, I feel better :)
  3. total eclipse

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    of course thought of our own demise brings comfort in away because it is us controlling our lifes not others. I hope you do hang on here thoughts just thoughts okay let them go We understand we do and in time i hope you understand there is always a different route to take to bring peace to your soul
  4. IV2010

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    I'm not thinking of suicide currently, I've decided to try and change things first.

    well done for trying to change....that's the first step...
    I know that feeling of having your 'means' at the ready..sort of like a comfort blanket.
    I hope you never have the urge to use it and that change for the better is on the way..
  5. GoingGone89

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    Wow IV2010 you hit the nail on the head that is tottally how i feel, its refreshing to hear things like that other than the usual things.
    Thank you both for yr great replys :)
  6. MiraWolf95

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    I hate those phrases as well. I'm 15 years old and even I know the consequences of my own actions. I hear those phrases a lot and they got to where they mean NOTHING to me anymore.
    I actually think most people only say those phrases because they can't think of anything else to say but they don't want to remain silent about it. Thats good that you decided to change things first instead of jumping right into suicide. Thats pretty much how I am at the moment as well. Trying to make some changes and see if I can make this life worth living since I'm 'so young and have a lot to look forward to'. I hate that phrase so much.