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I hate the freaking phone!!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by AsphyxiateOnWords, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. AsphyxiateOnWords

    AsphyxiateOnWords Eρεβος/Νύξ

    Maybe I'm the asshole here, I don't know...but I'm just not a huge fan of talking on the phone. In fact I'd much rather text, even if it means reading and typing long ass texts back and forth. I don't know what it is about the phone, but it annoys me. So, needless to say, so do people who love talking on the phone for more than a couple minutes at a time. I don't want to be rude and tell them to shut up because I want to hang up, so I usually answer with one or two word answers, hoping they eventually get the hint. My husband, obviously, is not one of those people, though. He hates texting and constantly chooses to call me instead and then just goes on and on and on about shit that I'm either totally uninterested in, or just don't have an opinion on, much less a thoughtful response. And he's one of those people that loves talking a lot in general, he talks a lot more than even I do when I'm writing or typing (which is really saying something cause when I type, I talk a lot), and he can just go on and on without stopping for at least an hour, so on the phone its no different. And like I said, if he were texting me instead, it'd probably be different. But something about hearing it on the phone just annoys the bullshit out of me, so after I answered ''yeah, okay'' about 5 times to what he said, he finally asks me what's wrong and why I seem pissed off. I know he wouldn't understand the whole phone thing I just explained and would take it personally that it annoys me to talk to him on the phone (even though I love him to death and it has nothing to do with him in particular), so I lied and said nothing, and he didn't believe me and I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into a fight now when he gets home. I mean, like I said, maybe I'm the asshole here, maybe it's insane that the phone bothers me this much, but I can't help it. Every time I find myself talking on the phone and the conversation lasts more than a couple minutes, I eventually start to feel steam coming out of my ears. Endrant.
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I'm unsure of what to say but I wanted to let you know I read your post. I'm actually the opposite I love talking on the phone. But you are entitled to choose your ways, your ways are what make you unique xxx
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  3. caspar

    caspar Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of similar. I was looking at my recent calls and they all lasted about 40 seconds each haha. I think you should tell your husband the truth, at least he'll know that it bothers you and won't be in the dark about it.
  4. Jaden

    Jaden Member

    I'm exactly the same way. I feel like I can organize my thoughts in a much more clear manner via text than talking on the phone. Over the phone, I stutter and trip over my words and have to respond on the spot, which makes me anxious. Over text, or forum posts, or email, or whatever, I can communicate clearly and put into words exactly what I'm thinking.
  5. Yoko

    Yoko Seeker of Darkness

    I used to absolutely hate the phone when I was little. It has gotten less and less over the past couple years of constantly being around phones due to work, etc. For the longest while in college, my phone was constantly on silent. I didn't even like the vibrations when people texted me. Now that I have a smart phone, it's easier to convey my thoughts, but I still have trouble with communication here and there. In a conversation over the phone, I can't read over and edit what I want to say. I sometimes stumble when I'm anxious. It takes a few tries of cold-calling to actually get across what I want to say. After three years of this, I'm kind of okay with it.

    When I'm on the phone with my friends or sister. I will hang up if I'm annoyed with that's going on in the background. Or if I'm being annoyed or not heard. When the conversation becomes pointless, I'd rather go back to what I was doing, which 99% of the time when I'm calling someone, it's in my car and I called when I didn't like the song.

    More recently, I was a wreck on the phone for a little while after a traumatic event happened. I was stuttering and doubting my words. That seems to have gotten better once the meds kicked in.

    In other words, I can relate, but I've slowly gotten used to it so I don't feel so anxious about it anymore. I really suggest telling him though. He does care about you and would like to know if something or anything is bothering you.
  6. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    My coworker refuses to have a phone, he has ipad and communicates with his girlfriend at work through it. He doesn't want the phone cuz it's annoying to him.
  7. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I hate phones period!
    The thought of always being accessible is just vile.
    My mobile is never on, which makes my phone mad family laugh, I mainly use it as an alarm clock :untroubled: