I hate the hollidays :(

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  1. morning rush

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    Always hated the holidays, it's boring, excess food, excess gifts, too much family I never see the rest of the year, people I barely know. Ever since I was a kid I always hated christmas and new years. Stores close, tv has reruns and christmas shows. I don't get it.

    If I want something, I buy it myself, I don't wait for christmas, and that stupid new year resolution, if I want to change, I do it, I don't wait for new years. If I want to see my friends and family, I call, I don't wait for holidays to get together. And if I buy something for someone, it's not because it's christmas, it can be any time of the year and it's just because I thought of that person when I saw it.

    idk...I hate christmas and new years...I guess I'm a party pooper :(
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    You aren't a party pooper, this time of year bothers me too. The family I do have just fights and argues and ruins things, and my friends forgot about me long ago. I never get visits or calls, but that goes for every other day of the year. This time just reminds me of how much I lack. I liked Christmas more as a kid, but I'm indifferent about it now. I'm going to bed and I'll wake up when it's next year :lol: So if you think you're a Grinch or whatever, you're definitely not alone. :p
  3. SillyOldBear

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    I have trouble with the holidays too. I liked them as a kid. But now responsibility gets pretty heavy. It seems there is never enough money. Even when I had a job it felt that way. Especially after my niece had four kids. And I only see the family at Christmas. My brother spends most of the year in Thailand. So when we get together, we are almost strangers.

    Christmas is too much about money. The music is great. I like Christmas trees. But hate the emphasis on money and give me, give me, give. And, of course, the day should be about Christ. At least for part of the day.
  4. DarkLordVader

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    people abuse this time of year because of this one day, if you believe the story from which that day came from it would have meaning for you. some of us, do not believe in story books or fantasy novels, we see one thing, society abusing the holiday for its own succession...
  5. cie

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    I hate it too. Always have. Even as a kid--especially as a kid.

    And I've never liked celebrating anything to do with god, makes me feel oppressed in itself. Especially considering a lot of the family made us pray to something we don't like, don't believe in, and consider bad.

    Last year was bad, my uncle was saying bad things about my aunt (not the one he's married to), and I told someone, and it got back to them, and he started saying that it was ME saying the things HE said, and then went and had his wife fight for him. Ass.

    This year I have no one to go see, and I don't even care. Now people invite me out of pity who I only told my plans to (or lack of) because they asked specifically and I'd want to go to their things even LESS! I have to keep declining, why can't people just leave me the hell alone.

    </3 christmas. What a horrible idea.
  6. emily83

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    i don't like it either.

    eat turkey, put up a tree, get gifts, you could do that anytime of the year!

    i mean, if you want to put up a twinkly tree with lights on april 2nd and eat turkey then, who's to stop you doing it?

    and as for gifts.... that's what amazon is for. if you really want something, get it off amazon

    and as for the christmas music/ movies?. well... their just music and movies with the word christmas in- i really don't think, all this... it's bad luck to listen to christmas music before december means anything

    and as for new year, the only thing i slightly look forward to is fireworks going off outside my window and on tv, but again, if someone wanted to do a firework display in march- they could