i hate the news

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Can't watch or listen to the news without being reminded that 9/11 is coming up

I get it - 10 years - big story - but not everyone wants to remember it

I don't want to remember seeing the impact, smelling the smoke, hearing the jets screaming over my head

But I have no choice

Sunday paper started big coverage for the week - halfpage article on 2 of the victims

One was a friend of mine who had a brighter future and better life ahead of him than I do

Hurts on so many levels and I can't avoid it
It's true that the media is full of douches who will do anything to get a "juicy" story that will make them a lot of money so we all share your opinion on that. :(
The news strives on drama like sick fucks they can't get enough of it I can't stand the news and lately it's all my girl wants to watch I have to leave the room it drives me madddddd!!!! I just like to jump threw the t.v. Screen at times and choke the retarded reporters with all there what if Bullshit


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I know how you feel Echo..one of my friends died, I watched the whole event as well, etc...but, unfortunately, it was a critical event in our history...J


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that article was like a punch in the gut but it was the other friend i lost that's worse

our parents both lived in the same town in ny then moved to the same town in florida

we both got married about the same time

both had three kids - 2 girls and a boy

both had twins

so why didn't we both die?

make myself sick thinking about it
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