i hate them

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  1. wumpscut741

    wumpscut741 Member

    i want to kill someone, then kill myself
    this ****** is always harrasing me.
    just coz i made fun of him to my x girlfriend, and she went and told him.
    but now he wont shut the fuck up
    he started on one of my friends... over steam... and he said some stuff back and he thought it was me, and some jew was watching as well and now their both pissed
  2. candiz

    candiz Active Member

    do you see him daily? why not try to avoid him
  3. wumpscut741

    wumpscut741 Member

    i cant avoid them.
    they are at my school.
    they are friends with one of mein which causes most of teh problem
    i want to kill them
    thing is the only way to avoid them is if they are 6ft under
  4. DrowningInTears

    DrowningInTears Well-Known Member

    they is evrywhere ppl want to talk down to you and be mean cruel and sadistic i need to be away from people at all times or i wil an hero
  5. HexenBexen

    HexenBexen Well-Known Member

    Rise above. This sounds like a lot of childish exchanges and you're better than that.