i hate thinking of titles!!!!

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    i think i just hate people in general, i dont know why, i wanna be alone.

    i dont always feel like this i guess, i miss my family and friends and i like social gatherings...it probably stops there tho, i dont like the OTHER people.
    anyone else besides the above mentioned.

    maybe its just one of those phases again, being too depressed that everyone annoys me.

    like at work, i just want everyone to shut up and mind their own business, please dont talk to me coz i dont wanna answer your fucking annoying questions and im not interested in you whatsoever. i wanna be left alone to do my own thing! dont fucking tell me for the hundredth time today to smile, i cant fucking keep a smile on my face the entire day and why should i smile, im at work, im alone, whats there to smile about or who to? i would just look fucking rediculous staring at the pc w/ a big grin on my face the whole day, oh and then you would want to know what im smiling about?? NOTHING, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS you fucking fuck!!!!!!!!! not as if you really care anyway!
    and how many times must i tell you... just because im south african does not mean i like the FUCKING RUGBY!!! I hate sports, dont look so shocked!!!!!!
    how many times must i tell you.... i am cold!, i feel the cold extremely easily, its a condition whatever, i dont care its 20 degrees outside, i am cold right now, right here and i want my heater on! GET IT!
    i swear im going to punch one of them one day! my answers are already getting shorter and angrier, pity they are so fucking self absorbed that they dont even notice.

    i guess im also finding it hard to connect w/ people, im so numb, last night a lady got mugged on our street, she was screaming blue murder, they were kicking her while she was on the floor, i didnt see it happen but i heard her scream, i called the police and waited for them to come, i did what i could to comfort her, she was really in shock and i felt bad for her, but it didnt really affect me as much as when its someone i know, she wanted to hug me but i felt so awkward i didnt know what to do or say.

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    oh and by the way you fucking toss.... Yes THAT is my lunch... wtf??? i am eating a yoghurt for lunch, do you have a problem w/ that because i sure as hell dont!!!! why do you always ask me that??? is it of any relevence??? am i expected to waste money every day on some crap that you will just raise your eyebrows at once again and laugh at me for eating rubbish? can i ever eat anything that is to your approval??? cant you just walk past me and ignore the fact that i am eating.... for once??