I hate this existence on so many levels

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    I think a combination of testosterone and greed has been the leading cause of death throughout human history.

    Arranged marriages were often set up by men, and social codes were written by men to officiate a subservient role to men, for millennia. In fact the Bible establishes the dominance of men over women in writing in its creation story. For centuries, men rationalized the social enslavement of the opposite sex by telling their selves that women weren't as smart. Of course, they were mistaking aggressiveness and strength for intelligence, the former of which, even our primate relatives possess. Chimpanzees and Guerillas might be able to rip their enemies in half over territory, but can they multi-task and handle human, labour pains like a woman can?

    Polygamy was also seen as a very normal thing for thousands of years. It showed, in a direct way, how women were seen as commodities. The more women a man had, the higher his social standing. It was no different from the amount of cars a person owns today.

    In the absence of arranged marriages, men feel they have to beat someone else over the head and take their stuff to prove their dominance and superiority to women they take an interest in. Basic, middle school, school yard bullying proves this point. The same behaviour extends into adulthood when some people get into business and acquire massive amounts of wealth at the expense of other people (ie Wallstreet/ government). Of course bullying and amassing wealth does garner the attention of many women, but they're, of course, known as bitches. I know there's women in government and Wallstreet, but both remain predominately male activities. I, of course, know that there's plenty of men and women that just want to mind their own business and live their lives, but there's just enough of the previously mentioned variety to fuck it all up. They might not even be a majority, but they seem to be the ones that always get into power.

    History proves my original point though. Women were given the short end of the stick for a long time, and it has a lot to do with the behaviours and attributes natural selection assigned to human males. it wasn't until very recently that women were given the rights they have in the modern world, but a lot of this defacto, primitive male behaviour still exists in undeveloped regions. The fact that this is all from evolutionary chance mutations just makes me hate men at a fundamental level. Maybe God is a man. it might explain a lot. However, that just makes me hate God, along with his decrepit little creations that he made in his despicable image.

    There's so much pain and suffering and evil in this existence. Sometimes I just wish an asteroid would wipe it clean. Before I was human, I was nothing, and, imo, being nothing was better than living in this hellish existence. The greed, the ego, the wars, the violence is such a powerful force in human affairs. I think all these negative attributes are stronger forces than the good ones. The collapse of communism proves my point

    Communism was a wonderful idea. Jesus Christ and Karl Marx, two of the most famous Jews in history, both endorsed it, but its always failed miserably. Its because selfishness and greed are stronger human attributes than altruism. Why did Stalin decide to not just let the communities cooperatively farm the lands and run the factories on their own? He wanted to validate his existence. He wanted to feel important. So he turned all production into a state corporation and made him and his government cronies the CEOs. He gave his country the bullshit excuse that he was doing it all on behalf of the people. Does this mean Capitalism is good? Fuck no. It just means nihilism is the more relevant than either of the other two. Capitalism can't meet the needs of society, because human beings are fundamentally flawed, and Socialism can't accomidate for it because of the very same reasons. Human beings are just too selfish. When the proletariat removes the pigs from power, the proletariat becomes the new pig. ...or if you've read Orwell, its somewhat of a reverse of what I just said.

    The world economy is going to collapse harder than it ever has in history, because its much more globalized, and the population is exponentially higher than its ever been. We are on the verge of a new dark age. The ironic part is that the ones who caused the collapse are going to be the wealthiest and happiest in the end. This will be a Greater Depression. We will all be like starving beasts fighting over crumbs from our feudal overlords, especially when draught from global warming hits full force.

    Racism and nationalism is another thing that pisses me off about humanity. I think its inherent. Its all too instinctual within people to form an in group and out group based on superficial similarities and differences within their own species. Every group has extreme racists. its not just a white, cultural thing like some optimists want to believe. That would be easily fixable through enlightenment and higher education. ...but no, It really just comes down to basic, universal behaviour among all ethnicities and cultures. Before the white man came to steal land from the Indians, they were stealing land from each other within sub groups that they created amongst their selves. What more developed nations do is exactly what the African tribes do amongst each other on a more massive scale. They kill each other over resources and land. Inflaming nationalism and racism is just a way that the greedy tyrants sell their naive countrymen on stealing land and resources for them. Its a basic tactic that's explained in Sun Tzu.

    Anyway, humanity is fucked. The species, as a whole, is too ignorant and greedy to ever make any real progress. They say all this technological advancement is going to lead to some sort of futuristic utopia. It may have worked for a different animal, but I know its all gonna end in a bunch of mushroom clouds for us humans.
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    Heh, I've been feeling the same way for a while now. Though I hate women and men equally.

    I'm actually pretty optimistic with where our species is going, although I'm frequently disappointed. Even if it's painfully slow, we are progressing. More people are applying common sense, more intelligent (sort of...).

    I still think we're all gonna end up killing each other before we have our utopia. If it's not that, then nature is going to get back at us for all the shit we did to it (Global warming anyone?). But still, I think we may get to a point where life is at least more pleasant all around. If I'm making any sort of sense.

    I wish I could word my point of view better, as you put a lot of thought into your post. But I really can't think of anything good to add.
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    I agree. There's been a lot of progress. I won't deny that under certain circumstances, humanity might possibly come to terms with itself. The modern state is simply racist to less people. Its really just a higher level of collaboration between people who's ancestors thousands of years ago would have fought amongst each other. I think there might be hope, but the progress is slow like you say. However, humanity should have become unified before the creation of nuclear weapons. Nuclear arms have been around for less than 100 years in the whole, 50,000 year history of humanity. Sure, going a couple generations without nuclear annihilation might seem like an achievement, but its really not when seeing it in that perspective.

    I want to make it clear that I don't personally hate men. I just hate men, as specimens, more than women when viewing things in a historical context, if that makes any sense. Though I hate superficial male behaviour more than superficial female behaviour, there's a lot more that I hate in the universal, negative behaviours that both sexes share than anything that's gender specific though.
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    That's a good way to put it.

    I think the main reason we're not unified is because of our lack of communication. Things like telephones and the internet are very new in comparison to how long our species have been here. Tribes in the past have only interacted with each other, and people are terrified of the unknown. But with new ways to communicate (like being able to talk to someone from the other side of the world just through chat rooms), more races living the same area, people have grown use to diversity. There's less unknown to be afraid of, less racism.

    I hope I'm making sense. I have trouble articulating my thoughts and ideas.

    I think as time goes by, enlightment will progress faster, become more wide-spread. Humanity may suck, but part of being human is going forward. To add to that, we're a very impatient species. As soon as we accomplish something, we go on to find something else to accomplish.

    Edit: Forgot another part of your post. I see what you mean now. I think of myself as gender blind more than anything. When I see a jackass male, I just think of him being a jackass. I don't really pay attention to gender. All those sexist assholes in the past, I just see them as assholes and nothing more. Besides, if roles were reversed I don't think there'd be much difference.