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  1. ZombiePringle

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    I had such an amazing 4 days spending time with my girlfriend... but then I had to leave and come "home" I don't want to be here... I have to go work another day at the job I dislike quite a bit, have to spend time in the place I don't want to be. I knew that I hated my life here but after spending those 4 days in such an amazing place with such an amazing person it just really makes all this seem that much worse... I've experienced what "heaven" must be only to find myself thrown right back into hell...
  2. Domo

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    Joshie :hug:

    Just focus on how amazing it was and think about the wonderful future when you will be together.

    I know it's hell right now, but it's only temporary and i know you are strong enough to get through this for Emily.

    Here to support you :hug:
  3. morning rush

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    aww I'm sorry its hard right now :hug: maybe you can find a way to move where she is? transfer to a better job there?

    at least you have her and you can see her...that's awesome! hang in there...
  4. ZombiePringle

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    I know its only temporary...but I can only see her for a few days at a time every 2 months or so. And it won't be for another 2 years at least that I get to be with her everyday.

    I can't get a new job there. There is no way I can get as good of a job that I have here. I wish it was that easy...sadly its not. I've given lots of thought to it.
  5. Sadeyes

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    Consider working at the job the price you have to pay to have the money to see her...each hour means you can get more things you want...maybe work will be less painful that way...glad you had such a good time...J
  6. Petal

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    I'm glad you had a brilliant weekend with her :) I feel for you :console: must be hard to have to return to the job you hate so much, I think sadeyes suggestion is a good one, you have many more fun times ahead, good luck x
  7. Kaos General

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    You go through exactly what me and kirsty go through every single time she has to go home, believe me i know how you feel. just concentrate on the next time you see her or just how great it was when you was there
  8. black orchid

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    You beat me to it lol.

    Yeah, like he said it's hard as hell but it makes the times you are together so much more special :)
  9. Axiom

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    :D I agree. Think of things you can do while you are away from eachother and things you and her might enjoy learning and sharing :) Things are looking up infront of you, just tilt your view of it :)