I hate this!

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I hate it when people act like they feel sorry for me because I am depressed. It is not like I tell them but I think it must be obvious by the look on my face. I hate making people feel bad for me! I just wish I could tell them, I feel bad enough, please don't feel bad too. It makes me feel so guilty. Sometimes it feels like the only thing I can do is make people feel sad by my own depression. I know there are depressed people who can pretend to be happy but I can't do that. It's too hard.


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I totally agree..............it got to the point with me that i just stopped seeing ppl.......then i found a mate who just didn't react to my depression and made me laugh............he is a saint..........but yeah most ppl just get this look in there eyes and i feel sad and guilty then.

Maybe you could talk with some of the more trusted few and explain that you need support and love but not so much sympathy?
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