I hate who they made me

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I was abused at 5,6,7,8-12,11,11,16 and 16 never by the same people.
I hate them all they all told me it was my fualt I made them do itI was nuaghty and would get in trouble. I did get in trouble and belive it was my fualt.

I constantly relive it in my mind through flashbacks.
And still hear Amy I love you.

The thing is I belive it is my fualt.


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Attackers 1234567 you bastards.
Be ready for the warth
The warth of my revenge.
I will you get you.
You must pay.
The law didnt give justice.
So now i will.

You raped me.
You all thought it was a joke.

But now be warned
I didnt forget
Like you did
I remember your smug face.

Im a prisoner still.
Got to have my revenge.
Im dying inside.

I will make you pay
And thats a promise


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Amy I have one thing to say...IT IS NEVER THE CHILD'S FAULT!!!!!!!!

Adults always lay this guilt trip on the kids they abuse and the kids swallow it hook line and sinker.


You have nothing to reproach yourself for. :hug: :hug:
You should never feel like its your fault! the adult made that decision, the adult did what they did not you, your not responsible, all sexual abusers tell their victims exactly what you were told, its a way of them trying to keep what their doing under wraps, you should NEVER feel like its your fault because its not.


Damn pedophiles.

I echo it was not your fault.

The freaks make that thier full time job. They pick certain childtren they know won't tell.

Hell with thm creeps. You do what is best for opour sanity.
Amy, it isn't your fault.I know the feeling. I...well, I know that it probably won't help you to hear that it isn't your fault...it didn't help me. But, it doesn't change the fact that it IS NOT your fault, hun. I am slowly beginning to realize that it wasn't my fault, 4 years later. And I hope that you will too. If I could I would kill the sons of bitches who told you that. they are sick monsters, and they don't deserve to live. I'm so sorry that this happened to you.
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